Dozens of believers asked the leaders gathered at the United Nations Assembly to put an end to what is possibly the greatest genocide of our time.

A hundred people in yellow T-shirts gathered near UN headquarters to call for an end to the massive covert persecution of Falun Dafa in China, the Epoch Times reported.

Falun Dafa or Falun Gong is a meditation practice that includes a set of moral teachings based on truth, compassion, and tolerance.

Its immense popularity, which according to some estimates attracted about 100 million followers in the late 1990s, was perceived by the communist regime as a threat to its authority.

In July 1999, the leader of the Chinese Communist Party at the time, Jiang Zemin, launched a brutal campaign to eradicate the practice under this slogan: “destroy their reputations, ruin them economically, and destroy them physically,” according to Nobel Peace Prize nominee and former Canadian Secretary of State for the Asia-Pacific region, David Kilgour.

Murdered for their organs

During the last 20 years, a massive number of followers of this traditional discipline have suffered arbitrary arrests, detentions, brainwashing, rapes, torture, death, and the horrendous practice of forced organ harvesting, according to human rights lawyer David Matas, also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for co-authoring with Kilgour the research report “Bloody Harvest.”

In June 2016, Kilgour and Matas, together with the writer and defender of Human Rights, Ethan Gutmann, published an update to their previous reports, where they concluded that:

  • The volume of organ transplants in China is much higher than official Chinese government statistics indicate.
  • The source of most organs for transplantation is the murder of innocents: Uighurs, Tibetans, Christians, and mainly Falun Gong practitioners.
  • Organ theft in China is a crime in which the Communist Party, state institutions, the health system, hospitals, and the transplant profession are all complicit.
  • The world’s intergovernmental community must establish an independent inquiry into organ transplant abuse in China.
  • The global transplant community should connect and collaborate with the Chinese transplant community only if it meets the established criteria.
  • Organ tourism to China should not be covered by medical confidentiality, but should be openly monitored.
  • No nation should allow its citizens to go to China for organs until China allows a full investigation into the removal of organs from prisoners of conscience, both in the past and in the present.

“If you look at all the propaganda against Falun Gong, it’s incitement to hatred of the vilest sort… within a Chinese context, where there are no contrary statements… it’s incitement to hatred, incitement to genocide,” Matas told Epoch Times.

“What we see is the transplant industry expanding over time,” Matas said. “Organ supply has never been a problem—the limitations of the system have been doctors, hospitals, beds, nurses, training. So the number, year-by-year, has been growing because the hardware and capacity, not the organ availability, has increased,” he said.

International voices

Organizations from around the world such as the U.S. House of Representatives and the European Parliament have spoken out on the issue, urging the Chinese communist regime to end the forced removal of organs and the persecution of this spiritual discipline.

“There have been persistent credible reports on systematic, state-sanctioned organ harvesting from non-consenting prisoners of conscience in the People’s Republic of China, primarily from practitioners of Falun Gong peaceful meditation and exercises but also from Uighurs, Tibetans, and Christians,” declared the European Parliament in 2016.

The communist regime maintains an information blockade with the outside and controls the internet inside China. All the nation’s media denies the accusations.

On Tuesday, Falun Dafa practitioners gathered at the United Nations Plaza to denounce the savage persecution that changed their lives forever, and call for an end to the genocide that the Communist Party is carrying out in China, something for which there is growing evidence.

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