A Russian woman is suing McDonald’s for allegedly causing her to break her Lent fast in April 2019; when she saw an advertisement for their cheeseburgers. She also claimed she hadn’t eaten meat in a month.

Ovchinnikova, an orthodox Christian, claimed in a court statement, “By this point, I had already been fasting for a month, but when I saw an advertising banner, I could not help myself I visited McDonald’s and bought a cheeseburger,” according to Russian state media.

Lent is a severe period for Orthodox Christians who follow the Julian calendar they are obliged to avoid meat, meat by-products, poultry, eggs, and dairy for the entire period.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and lasts for 46 days, although the six Sundays are not included leaving 40 days.

Ovchinnikova is now accusing McDonald’s of violating consumer protection laws as well as insulting her religious feelings. She accuses the company of advertising meat and animal products at a time when Christians are refraining from them, and she is seeking compensation of 1,000 rubles ($14) for moral damage, the Daily Mail reported.

“In the actions of McDonald’s, I see a violation of the consumer protection law,” fumed the wrathful worshipper. “I ask the court to investigate and, if a violation has taken place, to oblige McDonald’s LLC to compensate me for moral damage in the amount of one thousand rubles ($14).”

According to Russian outlets, the court has yet to set a date for Ovchinnikova’s preliminary hearing.

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