In an open letter published on Thursday, March 4, dozens of scientists called on the World Health Organization (WHO) to conduct a new investigation into the origins of the virus after ending their visit to China, saying that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) refused to provide them with key data.

The investigators questioned the reliability of the results of the WHO mission to China, claiming that pressure from the CCP had limited the scope of the scientists’ investigation, according to information obtained by Reuters.

Although the CCP was reluctant for several months to allow an independent investigation into the origins of the virus, it finally accepted the entry of the WHO mission in January. However, according to one of the letter’s authors, the world is no closer to knowing the origins of the CCP Virus (COVID-19).

“At this point we are no further advanced than we were a year ago,” said Nikkolay Petrovsky, a vaccine expert at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. Petrovsky is part of a group made up of 26 global experts who signed the letter on Thursday.

While the WHO team of experts visited hospitals and research institutes in Wuhan, the investigation focused on other possible origins of the virus, such as the theory that it jumped from an animal species to humans in one of Wuhan’s food markets or that it was transmitted from abroad through frozen food.

Team leader Peter Embarek dismissed the possible artificial origin of the virus, saying it was “extremely unlikely to explain the introduction of the virus into the human population.”

However, for Petrovsky, it makes no sense for researchers to dismiss the idea that the origin of the virus came from a laboratory, adding that the goal of the open letter was to “get a worldwide acknowledgement that no one has yet identified the source of the virus and we need to keep looking.”

“We need an open mind and if we close down some avenues because they are considered too sensitive, that is not how science operates,” Petrovsky added.

As Reuters pointed out, the WHO has come under fire for relying too much on field work as well as data offered by CCP authorities, which would be politically compromised.

The investigators even accepted that CCP authorities had been reluctant to show vital data that could prove that the CCP Virus was spreading even months before it was publicly announced.

According to the open letter, the WHO “did not have the mandate, the independence, or the necessary accesses to carry out a full and unrestricted investigation” into all theories about the origins of the CCP. Virus.

“All possibilities remain on the table and I have yet to see a single piece of independent scientific data that rules out any of them,” Petrovsky stated.

As Breitbart News noted, former U.S. President Donald Trump early on questioned the CCP’s flawed handling of the pandemic, accusing it of sharing a close bond with the WHO while representing an impediment to global understanding of the pandemic.

In mid-April 2020, calls for an independent investigation began to surface, while the CCP denied any culpability over the origin of the virus, while ignoring the requests.

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