The U.S. did not invite China to the Democratic Conference. In response, Beijing criticized American democracy and praised itself for its “democracy” preeminence.

The Associated Press cited Chinese officials arguing that a country divided by partisans and unable to control the COVID-19 pandemic cannot convince another country. They also stated that efforts to force other countries to copy the Western model of democracy “will inevitably fail.”

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is accused of persecuting millions of people in the Tibetan and Xinjiang regions. The CCP denies the accusations and says it only eliminates extremism and secessionist movements.

The CCP is also accused of carrying out a series of other bloody persecutions such as the Tiananmen democracy movement, the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, the suppression of the Hong Kong democracy movement, etc. However, the CCP argues that this is China’s internal affair and that they do it for the sake of stability.

In November 2019, Chinese leader Xi Jinping first proposed so-called “full process democracy” during an inspection in Shanghai. However, in February of this year, U.S. President Joe Biden commented about Xi in an interview, saying, “In his bones, he has no democracy.”

RFA quoted expert Wang Qingmin saying: “I think this is the biggest irony. Xi Jinping has amended the constitution to be able to serve another term. So what is written in the white paper is the complete opposite of the actual situation.”

Wang said that the CCP’s political system really could not allow ordinary people to participate in this so-called “democratic” process. The primary manifestation of the people owning the country is deciding who is on the stage and off the stage. At that time, voting was the most important means. But in China, voting in elections is purely a play.

Christian Goebel, a professor at the University of Vienna, wrote that the CCP’s official media blocked comments about “Chinese democracy” and only selected a few posts praising the CCP.

Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, wrote: “No one can vote in China and no one can criticize the CCP without taking risks. Even discussions on the Internet are subject to strict censorship. Is this a democracy?”

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