The exposé on Falun Gong by a Foreign Correspondent on the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) has aided the web of the notorious 610 Office in China, specifically set up to persecute Falun Gong on July 20, 1999.

ABC is a government-supported, taxpayer-funded organization, and some parliamentarians are looking for answers.

Is the ABC being supported by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)? “We have a situation here, where Australian taxpayer dollars are being used to produce content that may be used to persecute people,” said Australian Liberal Democrat MP David Limbrick to Sky News. “This report has already been used for justification for furthering their persecution in China.”

On July 24, Limbrick penned a letter to ABC board members, demanding an investigation into the “unfair and possibly xenophobic attack” of Falun Gong practitioners in its program, “Dark Karma.” “Today I sent a letter to the ABC board demanding an investigation into the circumstances around the production and broadcast of the recent Foreign Correspondent report on Falun Gong,” Limbrick announced on Twitter on July 24.

He continued, “During my time as a Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Melbourne, I have come to understand Falun Gong to be a sincere movement whose adherents’ beliefs are no more unusual than many other religions.”

“The ABC must be held accountable for its actions.”

ABC signed a contract with Shanghai Media Group on a time-sensitive day in 2014. June 4 was the 25th anniversary of the deaths of 1,000 or more in Tiananmen Square, at the hands of the CCP, reported Inside Story.

Fast forward to July 21, 2020, when ABC aired a program attacking Falun Gong practitioners. Coincidentally it aired on the 21st anniversary of the persecution of Falun Gong by the CCP.

Another very sensitive date, and one that millions of peaceful meditators who practice Falun Gong spend the day reminding the world of the atrocities committed against them, holding rallies, a peaceful march, or simply being out in the parks demonstrating the exercises.

While the CCP was silent on Tiananmen’s anniversary in 2014, similarly, they were tight-lipped on the Tiananmen anniversary in June 2020.

But not for the Falun Gong story called “Dark Karma” created by ABC. The propaganda machine in China has gone into overdrive, and many more innocent lives will be lost because of it.

On July 17, four days before the show went to air, it specifically set up a website ready for promotion of the show, to use against Falun Gong in China.

How did it know about the show that hadn’t been aired, if it was not connected to ABC?

Immediately it went to air, the propaganda machine then translated it and began a sinister propaganda exercise. It remains to be seen if ABC collaborated with the CCP over the program.

Australian MPs are wondering the same thing and demanding answers. In a report on Skye News, host of “Outsiders” Rowan Dean wondered aloud, “What are the ABC doing peddling Chinese Communist Party propaganda?”

Limbrick said it is very concerning. “Many of them have come to Australia … to escape this persecution.” “What they showed on ABC … most of the things they raised were of very little substance.”

Many of the issues brought up in the program were addressed and refuted by the Falun Dafa Association. However, they were ignored by the ABC, said Limbrick. “The biggest crime they seem to have committed is that a lot of them seem to support Falun Gong. Some of them do support Donald Trump … it shouldn’t be surprising at all.” “If people have fled persecution to America, … and if Donald Trump takes a hard stand against China [the CCP] it makes sense they might be inclined to support him,” said Limbrick.

The group has a broad membership with diverse political beliefs, said Limbrick. “They have diverse political beliefs, same as most other religious groups,” said Limbrick. “They don’t all support him, and it’s totally wrong to characterize them as such.” “I am very concerned,” as “This report has already been used as justification for furthering their abuse in China.

“Whether any information was passed to them by Chinese officials,” is worrying, said Limbrick.