In the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a Ukrainian court recently ordered a complete ban on the Communist Party of Ukraine and the confiscation of all its assets. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), close to the Communist Party of Ukraine, has yet to give a response.

Ukraine’s Ukrinform newspaper reported that on July 5, the panel of judges of the Eighth Administrative Court of Appeal completed the consideration of administrative case No. 826/9751/14 on banning the Communist Party of Ukraine. The court said on its Facebook page that the property, funds, and other assets of the Party, its regional, city, and district organizations, primary centers, and other structural entities had been transferred to the state’s ownership.

The judgment is aimed at a lawsuit by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine against the Communist Party of Ukraine. The Ministry of Justice asked the court to ban the Communist Party of Ukraine from operation and to confiscate all its assets.

The court also said the judgment, once published, could not be appealed.

According to Kyivpost, the Communist Party of Ukraine has been banned from participating in any elections since 2015.

The CCP is silent about the ban on the Communist Party of Ukraine; experts say it is ‘offensive to the CCP’

The Communist Party of Ukraine and the Communist Party of China have always had a close relationship. The Chinese Embassy in Ukraine said that on April 17, 2013, Mr. Zhang Xiyun 张喜云, Chinese Ambassador in Ukraine, met Mr. Simonenko, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine’s Central Committee, and the two sides discussed cooperation. Mr. Simonenko touted the CCP then, saying that the Communist Party of Ukraine was willing to deepen “good relations” with the CCP and strengthen cooperation in areas such as cadre training.

However, a Ukrainian court ordered a perpetual ban on the Communist Party on the 5th of this month, and there has been no response from the CCP government.

China’s NetEase added: “Two leaders of the Communist Youth League of Ukraine, Alexander and Mikhail Kononovich, face life imprisonment for spying for Russia and Belarus after their arrest on March 3. Their trial continues today, and they are still banned from going to court.” The newspaper also asserted that the case was “fabricated from beginning to end.”

Li Yuanhua 李元华, a former professor at the Capital Normal University, told the Epoch Times on July 8 that the incident was a major blow to the CCP regime.

He said, “In fact, Ukraine also found that when Russia invaded, Russia’s greatest belief was the secret support of the CCP. Ukraine also knew that in the world there are only communist countries that have no righteous morality and do not talk about morality, but only think of their own interests. They must have understood the threat of the Communist Party to humanity from the Russo-Ukrainian war. That is why there is such a clear verdict.”

Regarding the property confiscation of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Mr. Li Yuanhua said that this is because the Communist Party itself has no property, and the Party’s property also belongs to the people. The property confiscation of the Communist Party of Ukraine is to bring the property that the Communist Party of the Soviet Union left behind, to return it to the country and its people.

Mr. Li Yuanhua said countries once ruled by communist dictatorships deeply understand the harm the communist party brings to humanity. Many former communist countries will rethink this historical period after leaving the communist regime.

He said: “Like the Czech Republic before, countries in Eastern Europe, including today Ukraine, have carried out the liquidation of communist poison. This time, legally banning the Communist Party completely, including property confiscation, is really the choice of the entire Ukrainian people.”

He believes this incident also has a message for CCP members, “If the Chinese themselves know that the CCP is really bringing disaster to all mankind, they should quit the CCP as soon as possible and choose a better future, instead of following the CCP as its sacrifice scapegoat.”

Taiwan scholar: Ukraine’s actions show that the international community is coming up with a common goal against the ‘axis of evil.’

Ukraine’s move to purge the Communist Party is also seen as part of Ukraine’s de-Russianization process. After the Russian invasion, Ukraine banned several left-wing political parties deemed pro-Russian.

According to Kyivpost, on July 5, the 8th Administrative Court in Lviv also made a similar decision regarding the Happy Ukraine party, which has links to the pro-Russian oligarch and former energy and coal minister, Yuriy Boyko.

On May 14, President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a law banning pro-Russian political parties. Banned parties include Volodymyr Saldo Bloc, the Justice and Development Party, the Socialist Party of Ukraine, the Shariy Party, Opposition Platform – For life, and the Progressive Socialist Party of Natalia Vitrenko.

Li Youtan 李酉潭, a professor at Taiwan Political University, told Epoch Times on July 8 that Ukraine has completely banned the Communist Party of Ukraine, which shows that Ukraine is fighting to the end.

With the prospect of a Russo-Ukrainian war, he said, Ukraine’s attack on the Communist Party equates to awakening international liberal and democratic forces and realizing the same goal. They know that the CCP and Russia are an axis of evil, so they must fight to the end.

He said: “The rise of the CCP is a totalitarian dictatorship, and it will certainly expand hegemony. The liberal democracies of the world are awakening, through Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the China virus (COVID-19) is raging around the world and the CCP’s suppression of Hong Kong, bullying of Taiwan and possession of islands and reefs in the South China Sea, Russia. The CCP has used joint maneuvers to enter and exit the waters surrounding the Sea of Japan, which shows that it wants to undermine the current international situation that is based on the rules of freedom and democracy. Given this situation, the confrontation in Ukraine has taught us that liberal democracy and totalitarianism cannot coexist.”

The Communist Party of Ukraine was the ruling party during the Soviet period. Ukraine gained independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991. As early as August 30, 1991, the National Assembly of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada) announced a ban on the Communist Party of Ukraine and its activities. Still, the ban was lifted by a resolution passed by the Constitutional Court of Ukraine in December 2001.

Due to the long-term influence of the former Soviet Union, many streets and squares in Ukraine are named after people who were said to be “heroes” of the Soviet Union. On April 9, 2015, the National Assembly of Ukraine passed a bill titled “Condemning the influence of totalitarianism, including Communism and Nazism, and removing their symbols,” and banned Nazi and Communist symbols and their ideas. Violators will be sentenced to between 5 and 10 years in prison.

On July 24, 2015, Ukraine decided to ban the Communist Party of Ukraine from participating in the elections. Up to this point, the Communist Party of Ukraine is officially banned forever.

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