UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson blocked two attempts by the House of Commons to include in the country’s trade treaties a genocide amendment whereby a high court could annul a trade treaty when a counterparty is found to be committing crimes against humanity.

The amendment was specifically designed by lawmakers seeking to get the British government to take a more aggressive stance against regimes like China’s Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that are accused of flagrantly violating human rights against Uighurs, Christians, Falun Dafa practitioners, and Tibetans.

In arguing for the rejection of the amendment, the government said that there is no imminent prospect of the UK signing any new trade or economic agreements with the CCP, and that if there were any evidence of serious human rights abuses ministers themselves would refuse to sign any such agreement, without the need for the high court to make preliminary determinations on the existence of genocide.

The amendment will be voted on by the House of Lords on Tuesday, Feb. 23, for the final time.

Luke de Pulford, a leading organizer of the genocide amendment and a member of Hong Kong Watch, said, “While the Uighurs are forcibly sterilized, their children brainwashed, and tens of thousands enslaved, the UK is bending over backward to secure more Chinese trade. How bad do things have to get before Boris Johnson realizes that this kind of thing enables Xi Jinping’s brutal regime?”

Boris Johnson, a very liberal conservative

Boris Johnson’s landslide victory as leader of the Conservative Party in 2019 marked the deep rejection by the British people to the advance of socialism and the people’s eagerness to break with the globalist agenda of the European Union mainly because of its immigration and trade policies.

However, Johnson has shown himself time and again further and further away from Conservative ideals, and this latest effort to legitimize the CCP, puts him on the opposite side of the fence to Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party and main force behind his victory as prime minister, who made it his next mission to “break with dependency on China.”

From giving statements like “there’s nothing wrong with being woke” (or a social justice warrior) to praising Democratic President Joe Biden for being the “leader of the free world” when Biden’s policies and his Democratic Party are increasing censorship of conservatives, further dividing the country and destroying the economy.

Change of course

Last year, when the CCP passed the national security law in Hong Kong, the British government initially condemned its crackdown and business talks were canceled.

However, according to the Office for National Statistics in the second quarter of last year, the UK imported more goods from China than from any other trading partner, totaling US$15.49 billion.

The British prime minister’s refusal to subject trade treaties to scrutiny of the domestic behavior of the CCP not only legitimizes the CCP but feeds its repressive mechanism, far from the values of the Conservative Party he claims to lead.

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