The UK government is investing in technology companies developing automated verification to prove whether people are vaccinated and enable or disallow them entry to bars, stadiums, and other public locations.

It is being suggested that the technology solves the problem that displaying vaccination records on a mobile application would be too sluggish if an individual reaches a bustling location.

Andrew Bud, CEO of iProov, an internet security firm located in London that specializes in facial identification technology, said that facial verification technology would simplify the process of ID confirmation by reducing it to a couple of seconds.

Despite ensuring that there will be no national vaccination passport for months, the UK government appears to be pushing forward with it.

Meanwhile, the European Commission is implementing a five-year temporary suspension of face recognition tech in public spaces.

Europe’s technology experiments have sparked social outrage.

In the United States, police officers have been banned from using facial-recognition databases by several state and federal governments.

Many concerned about this system witness its terrifying aspect in China, a significant proponent of facial verification.

In recent years, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has spent billions of dollars developing, purchasing, and implementing the latest technology such as facial recognition, artificial intelligence, and other digital technologies to add to its network of monitoring systems, Fox News reported.

The CCP is weaving ancient and cutting-edge technologies—phone scanners, facial recognition cameras, face and fingerprint databases, and many others—into powerful authoritarian control tools.

The surveillance system developed in China also allows the CCP to intensely persecute political dissidents and minorities such as pro-democracy Hong Kongers, Uighurs, and Falun Gong practitioners

Millions of Britons disagree with automatic face verification. However, a significant proportion will unquestioningly support it, resulting in a double-layer community in which those who oppose the biosafety surveillance will remain in a constant condition of a shutdown.

This emphasizes that the “vaccine passport” is a virtual identification document that people would be allowed to bring with them all the time and apply if they choose to participate in essential trade or other regular social activities.

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