New evidence from the United Kingdom demonstrates that those vaccinated are three times more likely to die from the so-called “delta variation” than people who have left their immune systems and DNA alone by simply saying no to harmful medications.

Experimental gene therapy chemicals render the human immune system more susceptible to sudden death when exposed to CCP Virus than if the immune system were left alone to perform its job without pharmaceutical intervention.

The study, titled “SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England,” is the 17th technical briefing on the subject and gives a good indication of what the vaccinated will face in the future.

According to a table in the study, there were 9,571 confirmed cases of the “delta variation” in British persons over the age of 50 between February 1, 2021, and June 21, 2021. Of these, just in the last 28 days, 8,025 of them have been confirmed.

Deaths among people who got the Delta variant as of June 21, as reported by Public Health England.
(Screenshot via TheBL/Drbeen Medical Lectures Youtube)

This dramatic increase in new cases corresponds to the United Kingdom’s vaccine push, demonstrating that the more people who are vaccinated, the higher the rate of illness.

Unvaccinated people account for only 10% of all new purported confirmed cases of the CCP Virus in this age bracket, according to the statistics.

People who got both of their vaccinations as required the government account for upwards of 37% of all new cases.

Another 40% of cases occurred in patients who had had at least one dose of the CCP Virus injection at least 21 days before testing “positive.”

This suggests that 77 percent of new cases are in patients who had one or both injections, reported HumansAreFree.

The number of confirmed cases of delta variant among fully vaccinated adults over the age of 50 is three times higher than among the unprotected. In adults aged 50 and up that are partially vaccinated, the ratio is nine to one, according to Public Health England data.

Deaths among people who got the Delta variant as of June 21, as reported by Public Health England.
(Screenshot via TheBL/Drbeen Medical Lectures Youtube)

Despite receiving emergency use permission (EUA) from the Food and Drug Administration at “warp speed,” the vaccines are harmful and ineffectual in preventing the spread of the CCP Virus (FDA).

“The current data is in keeping with data published last week by England’s public health agency that also showed a six-times greater death rate among the fully vaccinated than the unvaccinated and a hospital admission rate of 2.3 percent among those fully vaccinated at least two weeks earlier compared with just 1.2 percent among the unvaccinated,” further explains Celeste McGovern from LifeSiteNews.

Health officials are urging everyone to receive a COVID shot, regardless of whether or not they’ve already been infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and are spending billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded marketing to get people to obtain the vaccine.

According to a worldwide assessment of 2,002 people who had gotten their first dose of COVID-19 vaccination, people who had previously received COVID-19 had a “significantly elevated incidence and severity” of adverse effects after receiving the vaccine.

Compared to the viral vector-based COVID-19 vaccinations, the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines were connected to a higher rate of side effects, although the mRNA side effects were milder, local reactions.

COVID-19 vaccines aren’t meant to be a long-term cure, and they’ve never been proven to work.

More than 95 percent of persons who have recovered from COVID have shown that they have strong natural immunity for at least eight months after infection.

Even Public Health England agreed that the chance of dying from a virus variant is extremely low, especially if the vaccine has not been given.

Over 160 million people have recovered from COVID-19, according to epidemiologists. Repeat infection, illness, or death is extremely rare among those who have recovered. Many people are presently protected by their prior infection immunity because vaccinations are not yet available.

The World Health Organization published a research update earlier this month noting that most persons who recover from COVID-19 establish a strong protective immune response.

Importantly, they note that 90 percent to 99 percent of persons who recover from COVID-19 generate detectable neutralizing antibodies within four weeks of infection.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is urging anyone who has had a COVID-19 vaccination side effect to take three steps.

  1. If you live in the U.S., file a report on VAERS
  2. Report the injury on, which is a nongovernmental adverse event tracker (you can file anonymously if you like)
  3. Report the injury on the CHD website

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