Athanasius Schneider, a Kazakh Roman Catholic bishop, praised faithful French Catholics, warned against secularism, and unchecked growth of Islam in Europe.

Bishop Schneider gave a number of talks and interviews about his book of conversations with Diane Montagna, in the book Christus Vincit, which was recently translated into French. During a recent trip to France, where he ordained two priests and two deacons for the traditional Latin Mass at the Institute of the Good Shepherd, he spoke about the book.

In response to Gabrielle Cluzel of “Boulevard Voltaire,” a French independent digital media outlet, he asserted unequivocally that Islam is a false religion, saying:

We are living in a spiritual battle between truth and lies. Between the true religion, which is only the Catholic faith, which was revealed by God and given to all men, and the other religions, and in a special way Islam, which is a very strong religion, politically too. The clergy must be very honest, to say that there are intrinsic dangers in this religion: the element of physical violence, intolerance, discrimination against people considered as non-Muslims, second-class citizens.”

Despite its secularism, which stems from the French Revolution, the bishop said that France impressed him with its public mobilization for the right to public worship during the COVID lockdowns when hundreds of faithful of all ages participated in prayerful demonstrations to protest the secularist government’s “arbitrary measures.”

Schneider warned that the political trend of welcoming ever more Muslim migrants into France and Europe—a situation he referred to as the “de facto islamization of France and now of Europe”—means that this transformation is only a matter of time. reported Life Site.

Calling for the “true apostolic missionary zeal” in the face of Islam, Bishop Schneider said: “We have to offer our brothers and sisters who are Muslim citizens the happiness of hearing the truth of the Catholic faith too.”

Bishop Schneider referred to the COVID problem as the manifestation of a “new religion,” “the religion of the body, or the religion of bodily health only, with all its forms of fear, intimidation, panic…”

He added: “A large part of the population has allowed itself to be intimidated because it had already lived in the midst of a vision of the body only, not of spirituality, not of the vision that there is still an eternal life, that there is still the immortality of the soul. It was a demonstration of the state of our society, completely materialistic and living a new religion.”

Schneider, the auxiliary bishop of Nur Soltan, Kazakhstan’s capital is well-known for his adherence to tradition, defending the church’s pre-Vatican II liturgical customs and practices, as well as for opposing some policies, notably those linked with Pope Francis.

Schneider belongs to the Canons Regular of Coimbra’s Holy Cross. He has chastised clergy members who, he claims, do not truly embrace the faith and instead bow to a cruel pagan society.

In addition, he has been a vocal opponent of Muslim immigration to Europe. In a 2018 interview, he claimed that substantial Muslim immigration in the 2010s was planned by the U.S. government’s strong international political organizations…to rob Europe of its Christian and national identities. Its goal is to dilute Europe’s Christian and national identities.

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