TikTok users denounced the social network for banning a video of people protesting against Cuba’s communist government.

The Chinese communist regime-controlled video sharing service allegedly suspended user Celine Fernandez for several days. Her only crime was sharing footage of political unrest in Cuba.

“Tiktok suspended me from posting for two days …[and] they do not want you all seeing this,” she said on Twitter. “Since Tiktok keeps removing my video, Twitter will do #SOSCuba #SOSCubaLibre.”

The music video in question includes a montage of masses protesting in the street, close-up of a woman’s bleeding face, and policeman kicking a protester who lies on the ground.

More images appear showing different types of injuries protesters allegedly sustained from police brutality. The video ends with Cuban dictator Miguel Díaz-Canel and peaceful protesters marching in the street.

Different Twitter users were not surprised by TikTok’s censorship.

“Friendly reminder: TikTok is owned by the CCP,” The Blobby said on Twitter.

“I deleted TikTok since it is Chinese and communist,” MPG4MER added on Twitter.

News of the censorship eventually reached the desk of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) who questioned the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) motive in silencing Cuban dissent. He suggested other relevant videos and accounts have also been suspended.

“Why would TikTok remove videos and suspend accounts showing regime atrocities in Cuba? Because it is owned by communist China,” he said on Twitter.

BL previously reported whistleblower allegations that Beijing directly controls the popular video sharing platform outside of mainland China.

Former TikTok employees verified former President Donald Trump’s concerns that parent company Byte Dance had recorded, controlled, and the final say on content shared through TikTok’s U.S. platform for most of 2020.

Trump championed banning TikTok in the United States or, alternatively, merging with a U.S. company to counter Beijing’s influence. The previous president argued this is a national security issue as TikTok could be “sending data directly to the CCP.”

However, President Joe Biden signed a June 9 executive order that reverses his predecessor’s tough stance on CCP-owned apps.

Meanwhile, Rubio has strongly criticised Twitter’s censorship of political unrest in Cuba.

The senator used an interview with Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” to slam Twitter as “hypocritical” for letting Díaz-Canel freely express himself on the social network. However, the company still censors and prohibits Trump from doing the same according to Breitbart.

Rubio believes Twitter should not “ban anyone” because it suggests the social network has double standards.

“I am not in favor of Twitter banning anybody but, if they are going to do it–if you are going to go after American politicians and block their tweets, censor their tweets and even deny them access to these platforms–then you have to do it to a brutal dictator who is on Twitter, along with other members of the regime,” he told the broadcaster.

The senator of Cuban descent is an outspoken critic of “Marxist-Socialist” regimes.

The New York Post previously reported Rubio’s warning that Cuba could face a “horrible bloodbath” if President Biden does not respond to widespread protests on the island. The senator also took to Twitter to demand the Democratic administration takes swift action against the Cuban communist regime.

“What I have asked the Biden administration to do … [is] to use diplomacy that they brag about,” Rubio said according to the paper. “Convene the United Nations [and] convene the Organization of American States in [an] emergency session. Pressure or shame the international community into condemning and isolating that regime, and pressure them to be prepared to take action to prevent a bloodbath.”

“Not halfway around the world, not in the Middle East, not in another continent, right here, 90 miles from our shores,” he added.

On July 11, the Cuban people took to the streets to demand an end to 62 years of communist rule. Díaz-Canel responded with a “combat order” against peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators. He also encouraged his supporters to attack anyone who opposes communism.

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