The Pontifical Academy for Life (PAL) is intensifying its campaign against so-called vaccine hesitancy by enlisting scientists from globalist organizations to combat “anti-vaxxers,” whom they accuse of spreading “misinformation and fake news.”

While scientists struggled to provide adequate answers to questions about the experimental vaccines’ safety and efficacy, PAL head Abp. Vincenzo Paglia, who presided over the press conference, insisted that the Vatican had already addressed the moral issue of vaccines made from fetal cell lines from babies killed in abortions.

Abp. Paglia described vaccine hesitancy as a variety of phenomena with various motivations in various parts of the world.

He said that individual freedom could no longer be considered absolute since the virus had demolished this conception, and the duty to get the vaccine was very, very serious because the health of others was at risk.

Referring to the jabs, Dr. Parsa-Parsi said that there was no direct treatment available right then. The vaccines were very effective and might save millions of lives.

 He added that “there is a very clear message from the Pontifical Academy from Life.”

However, evading the question of adverse effects, Parsa-Parsi emphasized “Especially when it comes to vaccines, all the questions and all the clarities (sic) have been checked, and I think there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be confident that the vaccines are a blessing for our patients and for the people.” 

Professor Montgomery stated that he received the peer-reviewed report from Church Militant, but that the article’s author (there were multiple authors) was working under a gross mistake and a gross error by neglecting variables such as the new Delta variations.

Montgomery admitted that anti-vaxxers was not a scientific word, but it was a political word, for ideological reasons, there were people who would simply fight against vaccination, againsted science and against better knowledge.

“Anti-vaxxers are to be discriminated (sic) from people who are vaccine-hesitant. It is these we have to reach,” he clarified.

Irish Catholic medic Pat Morrisey, who watched the discussion online,said that the 1964 WMA ‘Helsinki Declaration,’ which specified the core principles of ethics safeguarding patients from being objects of medical experimentation. Montgomery’s statements as a WMA spokesperson are alarming.

The Anscombe Bioethics Centre in Oxford warned in May that the WMA was planning to implement a very problematic modification to its code of medical ethics that would limit doctors’ conscientious objection to abortion.

Dr.Morrissey elaborated that roughly 16,000 people died in the European Union and 6,000 people died in the United States as a result of the vaccine, and they talk about forcing younger individuals to take these agents while COVID-19 poses no risk to them, according to VAERS data. 

In fact, the vaccine poses a far greater threat.

Professor Peter McCullough, a world-renowned physician and cardiologist who is also the editor of three journals and the most-cited author in his field of cardiorenal medicine, believes that the vaccine should be halted due to safety concerns. 

He has described vaccines as a bioweapon.

The evidence from India and Mexico, as well as trials compiled at, show that there is an alternative to experimental vaccinations, but it is disregarded because acknowledging this elephant would invalidate the “emergency use authorizations” that currently serve as a substitute for a license.

The Vatican-affiliated scientists made no mention of the uncritical coupling of the untested mRNA experimental vaccine technology with standard vaccines, or the ban on doctors and scientists speaking out about the vaccine’s side effects.

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