Why Beijing doesn’t deserve the Olympics: testimonies of forced organ harvesting (Part 2)

The phrase “the Olympics and crimes against humanity cannot coexist in China” has a message for the companies sponsoring the event, Intel, Omega, Panasonic, Samsung, P&G, Toyota, Visa, Airbnb, Atos, Bridgestone, Coca-Cola, Allianz, and especially for the International Olympic Committee (IOC). However, the IOC has repeatedly removed itself from the responsibility of mentioning CCP abuses against millions of innocents in China, claiming it has no authority to do so.

As long as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) rules China, it will continue to commit crimes against humanity in China. All those who helped with money, publicity, or otherwise to sustain and validate its regime will have consciously or unconsciously contributed to giving life to the CCP to continue committing its evils.

In other words, they will have been part of this history beyond the arguments they present today to justify their actions or silence in the face of abuses.

Mr. Lu Shuheng, a former citizen of Shanghai who currently resides in California, called in during a Sound of Hope radio live broadcast program in September 2016 and said he wanted to talk about what he knew about organ harvesting.

California resident denounces relatives

In October of that year, he went on the live show, feeling regretful for not stepping forward sooner. He shared with the host how his relatives participated in the live organ harvesting of Falun Dafa practitioners.

Lu Shuheng risked his life to reveal what he knew about how the police, military, and senior CCP officials use Falun Gong practitioners at will to kill them for their organs.

Lu Shuheng said he used to be afraid to expose what he knew because he was constantly returning to China. But now that he had a green card and was about to become a citizen, he was no longer afraid.

“I want to speak out against China’s doctors and armed police working together to harvest organs while people are alive,” Lu Shuheng said.

He first learned of organ harvesting in 2002.

His brother’s wife, Zhou Yu, has a sister, Zhou Qing (64), who was head of the gynecology and obstetrics department at Putuo Central Hospital before being promoted to chairwoman of Shanghai Wanping Hospital.

Her husband, Mao Shuiping, was a senior Party official in the Shanghai Justice Bureau.

Shanghai is the city of former Party leader Jiang Zemin, who ordered Falun Gong practitioners’ persecution and organ harvesting in 1999.

Mao Shuiping was well connected to Jiang Zemin’s Shanghai faction, the main rival of current leader Xi Jinping.

Chinese surgeon seeks clients in the US

It all started when Zhou Qing asked Lu Shuheng, who was already going back and forth to the United States if he knew people who needed an organ and couldn’t get one in the United States.

He replied that since he was in the home improvement business, he had no way of knowing people interested in transplantation.

Zhou Qing tried to convince him otherwise, saying that he could get a great deal of money for each person referred, much more than he earned.

Lu Shuheng knew nothing about organ harvesting crimes at the time, so he asked her if she was the one doing the transplants, to which she replied, “not anymore.”

When asked why she stopped doing it, Zhou Qing told him that she had started having nightmares, which Lu Shuheng found a bit curious, given that she was a veteran surgeon.

As the conversation progressed, her husband, Mao Shuiping, told him that she did not do the transplants at her hospital but took the “donor” and recipient to military hospitals. As a result, she was given a lot of money immediately after the transplant.

Mao Shuiping told Lu Shuheng that the organs were fresh and still alive at the operation time.

When Lu Shuheng innocently asked what ‘fresh’ meant, his sister-in-law revealed some of the details of the organ theft.

She said her sister had stopped doing the transplants because it was too horrible. When she cut the person open, the person would scream in pain, making awful sounds.

Zhou Qing said that the victims would scream ‘Falun Dafa is good’ when they were cut open, indicating that they were practitioners.

Lu Shuheng asked why they did not use anesthesia. She replied that anesthesia could ruin the organ, numbing it, leaving residue, and affecting freshness.

Lu Shuheng did not fully understand the gravity of what Zhou Qing told him.

International pressure on organ harvesting crimes

Since there was no news or reports of organ harvesting in China in 2002, he did not inquire further.

But as time went on, reports of the crimes began to emerge, and he was able to connect the dots to what he had heard in China.

In 2013 he asked his sister-in-law if her Zhou Qing was still involved in organ harvesting. She told him she was no longer involved and repeatedly warned him not to reveal what he knew or he would get in trouble.

Mao Shuiping’s son-in-law works in the Domestic Security Bureau, which deals with domestic surveillance and foreign intelligence matters.

Mao Shuiping’s son-in-law threatened Lu Shuheng that he would have him deported from the U.S if he revealed what he knew.

When Lu Shuheng said that U.S. authorities would never deport someone on the orders of the CCP, he said there was no need to order anything and that just by putting some drugs in his bag when he checked in, he would be sent back immediately.

Mao Shuiping also told Lu Shuheng himself that armed police officers were being offered 500 yuan for every Falun Gong practitioner they arrested and took to a detention center in Pudong.

No paper was filled out. No name was written down. Nor was there a police report for these practitioners. They were missing people.

Sometimes, senior officials from the central government in Beijing would come to the Pudong detention center and take the practitioners away to experiment on them—human experiments, Mao Shuiping said.

At first, once the practitioners were arrested and taken there, the police would beat them up, but they stopped, perhaps so as not to damage their organs.


The donors were living Falun Gong practitioners, not death row prisoners, which the Chinese transplant community has claimed they were.

The practitioners were able to shout, “Falun Dafa is good,” when they were “butchered.” this demonstrates that they were fully conscious and not brain dead.

They did not use anesthesia, which shows that their goal was to get the organ as fresh as possible, making the crime even more cruel.

The transplants were performed in the military and armed police hospitals that are not certified to perform this type of operation; this is a crucial piece of evidence. So while the CCP reported performing a certain number of transplants, the actual number is exponentially higher.

So how many Falun Gong practitioners have the CCP killed to obtain their organs?

Officials from the Central Government in Beijing came to take practitioners away for “human experiments,” which means that organ harvesting is not a local affair but is well-coordinated and sanctioned from within the highest ranks of the CCP.

Would you want to celebrate the Olympic Games in China knowing this? Would you give money to the Chinese communist regime, buying tickets, drinking, eating, and walking around that city?

To be continued.

Background information

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