The Chinese communist regime continues to carry out constant military exercises simulating the much-announced invasion of Taiwan. China also threatened the United States and any country that tries to defend or inspire the island’s independence ideas with violence.

In a report published by The Sun on Thursday, July 29, it was reported that the Chinese communists never stopped preparing for the possibility of an insurgency in Taiwan, conducting assault landing and control exercises on the island in an attempt to demonstrate their military might.

The Sun reported that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) military has conducted at least 20 naval drills in the first half of the year, following 13 exercises in all of 2020, according to data compiled by the South China Morning Post.

Images released by China’s state broadcaster CCTV show simulations of amphibious landing, two types of drones, and rocket launching systems.

Regime authorities have publicly promised the Taiwanese people that China would invade the island without hesitation should they attempt to achieve independence. A Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman, Ren Guoqiang, even warned that any move toward independence would mean “war.”

Guoqiang boasted during a press conference that Taiwan’s unification with the mainland is a “historical inevitability,” before adding that any attempt by the island to declare independence would be a “dead end” resulting in a “war,” The Sun reported.

The issue with Taiwan becomes highly contentious considering that other superpowers, such as the United States and Britain, have strong historical ties with the island. They have also pushed for years to maintain their freedom despite the fact that this stance has led to conflicts with the CCP.

The Biden administration has supported Taiwan, at least in speeches, and maintaining a military presence in the area, although the White House has said that the United States does not support Taiwan’s independence. This generated some contradictions in its messages.

However, the Chinese communist regime continues to express its displeasure with the unofficial relationship between Washington and the autonomous island, a relationship that was considerably enriched during the Trump administration.

At a monthly press conference in Beijing on Thursday, July 29, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian warned the United States of “grave consequences” if it continues to support Taiwan.

“We seriously warn the United States: those who play with fire will be burned,” Qian said.

China claims Taiwan is part of its “sacred territory” and considers support from foreign states as direct interference in its internal affairs.

“Don’t send the wrong signal to the ‘Taiwan independence’ forces,” Wu said, “or else the U.S. will bear all the serious consequences it provokes.”

Britain is also committed to defending freedom in Taiwan and is making a military presence in the South China Sea alongside U.S. ships and aircraft carriers in a mission intended to maintain a state of alert for any moves by the regime that would imply a real confrontational situation.

Japan is another power that has expressed its support for Taiwan, in fact, recently the communist regime reported that it would declare a “full-scale war against Japan” if the disagreement with Taiwan escalates.

Consequently, analysts warn of a real possibility of a third world war should the CCP decide to invade the island of Taiwan, disregarding the warnings and claims of the countries that support it.

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