South China Morning Post reported from sources that the China-EU trade summit is being postponed as both regions found little common ground in their interests.
The paper said the annual event had been rescheduled until next month. It was supposed to be hosted by the end of this year.

The China-EU relationship has worsened over human rights, economic and commercial differences.
Beijing was discontent that the European Union imposed more sanctions on China over Xinjiang, the province notorious for concentration and forced labor camps.

Prospects were also low as the Comprehensive Investment Agreement remained frozen after a short introduction in December last year.

One EU official said because the investment pack was dead, there would be little economic dialogue at the summit. The official added, “there is nothing to celebrate.”
The Chinese government did not comment on the timing of the summit.

Regarding human rights issues, the EU has refrained from answering whether it would join other nations in conducting a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

The event is perceived as a chance for the Chinese Communist Party to whitewash its human rights abuse records. Due to such concerns, the US, Australia, England, Canada have announced a diplomatic boycott of the games.

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