Recently, a documentary was published with valuable information about what happened in the city of Wuhan, China, months before the CCP Virus spread around the world and the pandemic was declared. Among other things, a group of doctors from Wuhan hospitals can be seen, admitting that they knew as early as 2019 how dangerous the virus was and that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) expressly ordered them to cover it up. 

The Wuhan doctors were secretly filmed admitting that they were aware of how dangerous the CCP virus was when it began to wreak havoc in China, but then also claiming that the CCP forbade them to leak this information to society.

Doctors even said they knew about the deaths from the virus in December 2019. However, it was in mid-January when the CCP first reported a death to the World Health Organization (WHO). 

The doctors warned in time about the rapid transmissibility among humans and how dangerous the virus was, yet authorities forced hospitals “not to tell the truth” about what was happening.

The testimony is revealed in a new documentary by British broadcaster ITV, called “Outbreak: The Virus That Shook The World,” and seeks to prove that Chinese Communist Party really did cover up the epidemic in its early days. The program was broadcast on Tuesday by the Sky TV channel, and will be retransmitted on Thursday, Jan. 21 at 8:15 p.m. on the same channel.

According to the Daily Mail’s analysis of the documentary, the testimony of Wuhan’s medical professionals is backed by leading virologists, including Dr. Yi-Chun Lo, a specialist in infectious diseases and deputy director general of Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control.

He said, “The management of the first outbreaks was a disaster, a failure. I think the pandemic could have been avoided at first if China [the CCP] was transparent about the outbreak and rushed to provide the necessary information to the world.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) was truly complicit in the CCP’s concealment. So much so that on Jan. 12, 2020, when the danger and transmissibility of the virus was already evident, the WHO declared, “There is no clear evidence of person-to-person transmission” and added that it was “confident of the quality” of the CCP’s response.  

 A recent State Department report states, “The U.S. government has reason to believe that several WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology) researchers became ill in the fall of 2019, before the first identified case of the outbreak, with symptoms consistent with IDOC-19 and common seasonal illnesses.

Since the virus outbreak was announced on Dec. 31, 2019, the Trump administration raised the possibility that it had escaped from the Wuhan Virology Laboratory.

“For more than a year, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has systematically prevented a transparent and thorough investigation of the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic, choosing instead to devote enormous resources to deception and misinformation,” the State Department report said.

In the same week as the report, and a full year after the virus’s transmission became known, a panel of experts commissioned by the WHO visited the controversial Wuhan laboratory to investigate the origins of the virus. 

The preliminary WHO report released Monday, despite being a staunch partner of the CCP and participating in a joint agenda in pursuit of globalism worldwide, criticized China for failing to take adequate measures to stop the initial outbreak of the virus in time and even questioned whether it should have been labeled a pandemic earlier.