International billionaire speculator George Soros expressed his frustration with the negotiations in which German Chancellor Angela Merkel reconciled the budget of the European Union (EU) with Hungary and Poland.

“But the compromise she reached with Hungary and Poland is the worst of all possible worlds,” Soros wrote of Merkel’s decision, according to a Dec. 10 Project Syndicate article.

Budapest and Warsaw blocked the passage of a budget in November, after accusing the European Union of “political blackmail,” by requiring member states to adhere to their statutory regulations to “guarantee the rule of law.”

Merkel agreed to temporarily suspend the mechanism proposed by the EU for two years, which was celebrated by the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

“And we could modestly say, of course, that we saved the unity of the union,” Orban said according to Euronews.

He added, “And no one can evade the intentions and the will of the elected governments of any nation, neither of the European Parliament nor of the Commission, no one, because [the] European Union is the unity of nations.”

Both Poland and Hungary defend a Christian Europe and the sovereignty of states against Brussels’s attempts to force mass migration down the “throats of nations,” according to Hungarian media, Kormany. 

“The Brussels bureaucracy is waging a campaign of revenge against these two countries [Poland and Hungary], but we will not give up,” Hungarian Foreign and Trade Minister Peter Szijjarto told a conference. 

“Hungary and Poland are defending their own national interests and represent an honest and forthright point of view in international debates, and both are advocating the need to protect Europe’s Christian heritage,” he added. 

Soros’s attempts to deconstruct national societies through waves of immigrants are being rejected by several European countries of which Poland or Hungary are the standard-bearers.

In an opinion piece published on Nov. 21, Hungary’s Culture Commissioner Szilard Demeter called Soros “the liberal Führer” and accused the globalist financier of treating Europe like a big “gas chamber.”

“Poisonous gas flows from the capsule of an open multicultural society, which is deadly to the European way of life,” wrote Demeter, who is also director of the Petofi Literary Museum in Budapest.

Soros is accused of financing radical leftist movements that tend to destabilize the traditionally democratic governments of many countries.

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