Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warned the Chinese regime Wednesday, Dec. 1, that any attack on Taiwan would draw in Japan and its ally, the United States, with disastrous economic consequences for China. The CCP’s intimidating response was swift, and it summoned Japan’s ambassador to Beijing for an “emergency meeting.”

Abe, during a virtual forum organized by the Taiwanese think tank, National Policy Research Institute, made the point about a hypothetical scenario given the growing tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

“A military adventure would be the path to economic suicide,” Abe said. “We must keep reiterating that peaceful ties between China and Taiwan are the only option.”

“A Taiwan crisis would be a Japan crisis and therefore a crisis for the Japan-U.S. alliance,” were the words spoken by Abe, according to a Bloomberg report.

The former Japanese prime minister, who left office for health reasons in September last year and who remains a member of Japan’s lower house of parliament, added that Japan, Taiwan, and all those who believe in a democracy need to urge Xi and the Chinese Communist Party leaders not to take the wrong path.

China’s Vice Foreign Minister Hua Chunying called Abe’s remarks “extremely incorrect” and a violation of the basic norms of China-Japan relations at a meeting Wednesday night with Japanese Ambassador Shui Hideo.

“China strongly urges Japan to deeply reflect on history, learn from history, and not to damage China’s sovereignty in any form, and not to send any wrong signal to ‘Taiwan independence’ forces,” he said, according to SCMP.

Abe stressed that he supports Taipei’s idea to be part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership regional trade agreement, an 11-nation trade grouping that Taiwan applied to join in September. He also called for Taiwan to be allowed greater prominence on the world stage, including representation at the WHO.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) considers Taiwan as part of its territory. It has been threatening to retake the island by force, thus constantly increasing the dispatch of fighter jets to its air defense identification zone (ADIZ).

Fumio Kishida, the current prime minister, has said that the Taiwan Strait may be the next big diplomatic problem facing Tokyo and that Japan should join with nations with which it shares the values of freedom to defend the island’s democracy. 

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