In an exclusive interview with Breitbart, the CEO of a data privacy firm predicted a bleak future for humanity if so-called vaccine passports that will cause people’s personal information to be available from a Google search are ever installed globally.

Rob Shavell, co-founder and CEO of online privacy firm Abine, which runs data scrubbing service DeleteMe, said it is wrong for officials such as European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to make “blanket statements” that vaccine passports will “respect data protection, security [and] privacy.”

“Time and time again governments say that they are providing a data service to their citizens and claim that it will be protected, but what we see is this information ending up in data profiles available on Google searches,” Shavell said.

According to Shavell, all initiatives by either the European Union or airline companies to install a health passport, specifically referring to whether a person is vaccinated against the CCP Virus, are vulnerable due to the complexity of what is involved with personal data going from one country’s database to another.

“The systems we have are too complicated and once that data gets digitized and out there and replicated in the country’s database that you are traveling to, with its own set of privacy protocols, you are looking at an expanding universe” of data that cannot be kept secure, Shavell explained.

Once this data is available, governments, companies, and whoever accesses it will be able to classify us as vaccinated or unvaccinated and exercise a type of discrimination.

Shavell said that eventually all of our data will be centralized and available to anyone willing to pay a few dollars to download it.

He said algorithmic discrimination could range from an employer not wanting to hire you, to an insurer not wanting to insure you, to giving economic priorities to certain groups.

If governments really are concerned about people’s safety, one of Shavell’s proposals is for medical institutions to give people a sticker to show authorities on a trip and not use these invasive methods, which ultimately end up being overbearing and violate people’s privacy unnecessarily.

But some governments, such as that of the United Kingdom, have signaled their intention to use health passports to allow or prohibit people from going to the supermarket to shop, a clear indication that they want to force everyone to get vaccinated in order to live normally.

“What we find is that more and more data that is supposedly meant for one specific area, even in the government, is leaking its way into data broker profiles because they are buying it, scraping it, and figuring out how to correlate it. The more data they put into the profile about us the more valuable it is for them to sell it,” Shavell said.

With almost 4,000 deaths caused by CCP Virus vaccines in the United States and Europe, there is more than enough concerns for people to hesitate or simply reject the idea of getting the vaccine.

So why force people against their will? Isn’t this a clear indication of authoritarianism? 

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