Russian leader Vladimir Putin vowed to render foreign nations defenseless if they claim any territory already belonging to the Russian Federation.

The president issued a stern warning to enemies of the state that think they can arbitrarily occupy Russian land.

“Some even dare to say publicly that it is allegedly unfair that Russia owns the wealth of a region such as Siberia,” he said according to Reuters. “Only one country does.”

Putin promised to mobilize the entire national military service to disable every alien threat to Russia.

“Everyone wants to ‘bite’ us somewhere or ‘bite off’ something of ours but those that would do this should know that we will knock out the teeth of all of them, so they are not able to bite,” he said. “The key to this is the development of our armed forces.”

The president then commended recent Russian military achievements across the modern strategic nuclear force, Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle fleet, and Poseidon underwater drone armed with nuclear capabilities.

The Kremlin leader also accused unnamed hostile foreign forces of conspiring to clip the nation’s wings whenever it grows more powerful.

“In all times, the same thing happened: once Russia grew stronger, they found pretexts to hamper its development,” Putin said according to Fairfax Media.

The BL understands the president is very concerned about foreign nations trying to illegally strip Russia of its extensive natural resources instead of paying a reasonable price for them.

The remarks came as the U.S. Congress urges President Biden to hold a face-to-face meeting with Putin to rebuild Washington’s diplomatic relationship with Moscow.

However, Putin is still upset about a variety of economic sanctions different countries have imposed against Russia. He even cited a phrase from Russian Czar Alexander III’s claim that “everyone is afraid of our vastness.”

“Russia is still too big for some,” the Russian president said.

“[This is despite the fact] we lost one-third of our potential,” he added, referring to the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union that gave badly needed independence to former Soviet republic nations.

Putin is also unhappy about the United States recently expelling 10 Russian diplomats, sanctioning hundreds of companies and individuals, and imposing strict restrictions on Russia’s ability to borrow money.

These measures came in response to alleged Russian foreign interference in the 2016 presidential election, cyberattacks, and other espionage activity.

Analysts and investors believe Russia could have faced even more draconian and potentially economically destructive measures for its alleged actions. The measures ultimately adopted were relatively light and only included sanctions, diplomatic expulsions, and other acts.

However, the Russian government fired back by expelling 10 U.S. diplomats then barring multiple individuals from entering the country due to alleged involvement in the “development and implementation of an anti-Russian” agenda.

The Russian Foreign Ministry promises not to take further “painful measure[s]” against American-owned businesses in the country.

However, Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov stresses the Biden administration’s attack on Russian-owned businesses in the United States “cannot remain unanswered” in a statement obtained by the Wall Street Journal.

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