Nineteen Republican lawmakers sent a letter to President Joe Biden to discuss the current situation in Cuba and urge the federal government to work together to curb the dictatorial communist regime that continues to exploit its citizens and has subjected them to extreme poverty for several decades. 

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy led the list along with 18 other Republicans who sent a letter to Biden requesting a meeting to discuss strategies through which the administration can work cooperatively with Congress to support the Cuban people in their protest against the communist regime in Havana.

“Now is the time to act. We can work together to bring an end to the oppressive communist regime in Havana and liberate the Cuban people,” the letter states. 

The ongoing situation in Cuba has gained the attention of the hegemonic media in recent weeks after the country saw one of the largest anti-government demonstrations since the beginning of the communist dictatorship break out.

This situation has allowed the hegemonic media to put Cuba back on the agenda and expose the situation of poverty and repression in which millions of Cubans live on the Caribbean island. 

In this context, the legislators letter states that:

“The United States is a bastion of freedom and democracy; a beacon across the globe for those seeking to toss away their shackles of communist oppression. We must support our Cuban brothers and sisters as they seek to take control of their future and liberate themselves from the communist malignancy.”

The lawmakers asked Biden for a meeting “as soon as possible” to discuss how the administration can work with lawmakers in Congress “to end the oppressive communist regime in Havana and free the Cuban people.”

The lawmakers said in their brief that this is a crucial time to take action on what has been going on in Cuba for decades, taking advantage of the media coverage of the issue. But they lamented that the opportunity may be missed due to “indecision, bureaucracy and lack of leadership.”

The letter arrived at the White House just hours after hundreds of protesters from different areas of the United States rallied calling on the Biden administration to take a stronger stance in support of Cubans and condemn the island’s communist regime, as reported by Fox News. 

“Libertad! Libertad!” Hundreds of people can be heard shouting after dark on Pennsylvania Avenue in a video tweeted by Cuban-born Republican Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar. The demonstration continued into the early hours of Monday morning.

President Biden has expressed his support for the Cuban protesters, however, the call is for him to exert more pressure on the communist dictators by taking advantage of his status as the political leader of the United States.

“The Cuban people have taken to the streets demanding FREEDOM and the regime has once again cut off ALL INTERNET on the island. The Biden Administration must grant the green light and help the people of #Cuba get back online!!,” wrote Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar on Twitter on Monday, July 26. 

The lawmakers signing the letter, are part, along with Leader McCarthy, of a team of Cuba advisors. The group includes members from both houses of Congress and aims to advise Republican lawmakers on the ongoing protests and suppression of freedoms by the communist regime in Cuba, as well as to develop policies for U.S. support for the freedoms of the Cuban people.

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