It is well known how the Chinese communist regime persecutes believers who have faith in religion.

Torture, gang rape, brainwashing, forced labor camps, and even organ harvesting from living people are part of a grim scene that is replicated in every corner of mainland China.

However, as the saying goes: good always triumphs over evil.

And no matter how much terror the atheist Chinese Communist Party tries to instill in the population, Tibetan Buddhists, Christians, faithful Catholics, Uighurs, and Falun Dafa practitioners have not hesitated in maintaining their unshakable faith.

“First, they stripped off my clothing. Then they tore out my earrings, so my ears were bleeding—but I didn’t feel the pain. I felt worse for one elderly woman, like a grandmother. They stripped everything off her and she kept falling on the ground, and they kept pushing her and pulling her up and she just kept falling down.”

The statement belongs to Tursenay Ziawudun, a survivor of one of the forced labor camps that the Chinese communist regime has in the Xinjiang area.

But the Uighur Muslims are not the only ones persecuted by the Chinese regime and, in all honesty, religious persecutions are not typical of this period either.

Since the very arrival of communism in China, believers became the target of attacks.

“It was normal to be persecuted. If I had not been persecuted, it would have been a miracle (…) During the Cultural Revolution, those who were not in prison suffered more than those of us who were inside. I didn’t suffer much. One of my classmates suffered unspeakably. He was very good. Faithful. A recent convert to Christianity (…) He was beaten, stripped and stabbed,” recalls Chinese Bishop Lucas Li Jingfeng.

The Cultural Revolution swept away the ancestral culture: 5000 years of spiritual civilization shattered in 10 years of terror.

But the demolition of temples, churches, statues and religious monuments was not enough to break the faith of those who were willing to lose their lives rather than renounce their beliefs.

That determination is still seen today in the hearts of practitioners of the Buddha School discipline called Falun Dafa.

Since 1999, these believers who follow the noble principles of Truth – Benevolence – Tolerance have been subjected to all kinds of torment, torture and abuse in order to make them renounce their faith.

However, despite the adversities, they continue to profess their belief.

And also, abroad, they raise awareness about the religious genocide carried out by Chinese communism.

Yellow flags and T-shirts, lotus flowers, and pamphlets brimming with kind thoughts invite people around the world to stand on the right side of history.

As morality declines and the world turns gray, these people of unwavering belief in God shine through the crowd, leaving us all with a wise lesson: nothing can stop righteous faith and the power of goodness.

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