The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), one of the world’s largest broadcasters, is at the center of criticism accused of a serious case of discrimination, after publishing a job advertisement for the position of production management, which details that only black, Asian or ethnically diverse people can apply. 

The position offered by the broadcaster is related to the production management of trainees in its Scientific Unit in Glasgow and stipulates a salary of 24 thousand dollars for one year. 

Both on social networks and in various media, a violent reaction has been aroused against the multi-medium in absolute rejection of the case of public discrimination, and they have even requested that all funding be withdrawn, reported the Daily Mail.

Criticism points to the station’s increasing embracing of leftist racial equality policies that ultimately lead to cases of discrimination and hatred towards whites.

The ad was posted online by Creative Access, a company dedicated to promoting growth in the number of ethnic minorities working in the creative, media and arts industries.

Applicants will have the opportunity to work on popular BBC programs such as Springwatch, The One Show and The Truth About.

The advert expressly reads, ‘The successful candidate will be someone with a desire to build a career in the TV industry and a demonstrable interest in BBC Studios.’

As reported by the Daily Mail, this is not the first time that the BBC has published this type of discriminatory advertisement, which to justify its racist actions claimed to be “a welcoming, inclusive organisation committed to representing and reflecting our audiences.”

These measures are usually defended with similar speeches that resort to the discourse of “social justice” and the defense of minorities, which on the surface sounds politically correct, but in the background hide controversial cases of discrimination and racism regardless of how it is intended to justify it. 

What would have happened if the ad was the other way around and the search was aimed only at white people? Surely all the media would have published the story, and the BBC would have been criticized, censored, and defunded by politicians and well-known show business figures.  

Earlier this year, the BBC published its Diversity and Inclusion Plan, through which it seeks to ensure that its workforce is made up of 50 percent women, 20 percent black and ethnic minorities, and 12 percent disabled people to better reflect UK society. 

In this way, it would opt out of merit as a recruitment mechanism and replace it with statistics that would indicate how many women, blacks or disabled people to employ in each area or job position. 

The controversial case is just one more example of the so-called “reverse discrimination,” which refers to discrimination cases against members of a majority or apparently dominant group, such as whites, in favor of members of a minority or historically disadvantaged group.

Such cases have become increasingly visible, especially since black rights groups have become deeply entwined with leftist ideologies, such as Black Lives Matter (BLM), which have imparted the idea of confrontation and hatred against whites.

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