In the complex pedophilia trial against Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged mistress of the late child rapist Jeffrey Epstein, Judge Allison Nathan ruled that prosecutors must disclose the names of possible accomplices.

Judge Nathan’s ruling would have to be complied with no later than Oct. 11, despite prosecutors arguing that naming those involved carries some risks, the Sept. 3 New York Post reported

The government justified the anonymity of others involved in the crimes by citing the appearance of “potential danger to co-conspirators,” or the risk of “compromising continuing investigations,” circumstances that Judge Nathan found to be false. 

“The Government provides no explanation for this purported harm and none is apparent to the Court,” Judge Nathan wrote, clarifying that these names are helpful for the defendant to prepare her defense adequately. 

She added: “Thus, the Court finds that this concern alone does not outweigh the risk of surprise to the Defendant in this case or the need for the parties to litigate co-conspirator issues in advance of trial to ensure the absence of delay.”

In this regard, Maxwell, 59, had requested that prosecutors name the two co-conspirators included in the indictment to avoid being ambushed at her trial, whose next hearing is scheduled for Nov. 29.

“The identity of Epstein’s unknown co-conspirators has always been intriguing. He ran in powerful circles. One name that always comes up is Bill Clinton,” wrote the lawyer, author, and researcher who goes by the user, “Techno Fog,” on the Substack platform.  

He added: “This summer, unsealed records from Maxwell’s civil case implicated Bill Clinton being around ‘2 young girls’ at Epstein’s island.”

Meanwhile, lawyers for the accuser and possible victim, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, demanded disclosure of “funding provided by the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation,” according to the Daily Mail on July 1. 

Former President Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, founded these institutions.

The ongoing trial for sex trafficking conspiracy and perjury, among other charges, involves dozens of prominent figures worldwide, including U.S. politicians Bill and Hillary Clinton and Prince Andrew of the UK. The trial is being prosecuted for sex trafficking, conspiracy, and perjury, among other charges.

Giuffre claims that Maxwell recruited her when she was 16 and took her to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to be repeatedly raped and molested, including by Prince Andrew of the British royal family, something he denies.

The British government is being pressured by the United States to hand over Andrew to answer the allegations of sexual abuse. The Department of Justice last year sent a mutual legal assistance request to the Home Office to try to force the cooperation of Andrew, 61, who is resisting cooperation with the criminal investigation.

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