Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that he will begin negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, moving beyond the “appeasement” stage held earlier, according to a series of tweets on Jan. 2. 

“In my role as CIA Director, I opened our negotiations with Chairman Kim [Jon Un],” Pompeo said.

This time he alluded to a different strategy that could include “maximum pressure” since strategic patience did not yield the expected results, and even included an earlier video in which President Donald Trump spoke of “Fury and Fire.”

He also added some background, “The United States united the world to impose #UNSC sanctions on North Korea for its WMD and ballistic missile programs — and made the @UN enforce the sanctions, instead of looking the other way for P5 violators.”

He also recalled the assistance given to North Korean defectors and the defense of human rights.

“Both before and after President @realDonaldTrump hosted defector Ji Seong-ho at the 2018 State of the Union, @StateDept has worked tirelessly to give voice to North Korean defectors and advocate for the human rights of all North Koreans,” according to another of his messages.

He also summed up the meetings between Trump and Kim, “Two summits in Singapore and Hanoi and a historic meeting in the DMZ [Demilitarized Zone] later, the wins are undeniable.”

Like other successes, Pompeo cited the release of three U.S. hostages held in North Korea for years, and the recovery of the remains of 70 soldiers who died during the war between South and North Korea. 

Pompeo reiterated that during the Trump administration “No New Wars. And we brought thousands of our men and women home to their families. America is still safe and our military is ready to strike if duty calls.”

Certainly the Trump administration’s management has been brilliant, not only in relation to North Korea, but in many other arenas including NATO and the peace treaties between five Middle Eastern countries.

With NATO, linked countries were able to substantially increase economic contributions, and in the Middle East, peace treaties were concluded between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco. 


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