Two polls reported by Taiwan TVBS News showed that Taiwanese have become less fond of cross-strait supporting reunification each year. The downward trend also contrasted with China’s propaganda efforts.

Some Taiwanese experts said that the CCP’s various threats and intimidation methods for pushing Taiwan reunification only played the opposite role. 

According to a survey conducted by the United Daily News in October, up to 51% of the respondents wanted to maintain the current situation, 18% of them supported independence as soon as possible, while 16% want to keep the status quo before independence. Only 4% advocated reunification.

That was a lot of changes compared to another survey just two months ago.

In August, 46.6% of Taiwanese supported the island’s independence, 26.4% of respondents wanted to preserve the situation, and only 11.1% supported cross-strait reunification.

TVBS pointed out that the Chinese Communist Party’s media use in their “United Front in Taiwan” has been ineffective in recent years. Beijing went from promising no threats in October to warnings of persecution against Taiwan’s independent supporters just the following month.

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