Despite recent announcements by the Chinese regime to reduce the measures of the “zero-COVID” policy, the lives of citizens are far from being alleviated. The city of Guangzhou started the expansion of quarantine camps on November 17, and plans to install 240,000 beds.

Wang Bosen, a representative for the Guangzhou Municipal government said, “Guangzhou is making all-out efforts to speed up the construction of makeshift hospitals and centralized quarantine zones with a plan to build a total of 246,407 beds.”

Chinese Communist Party officials insist that Guangzhou is experiencing a serious coronavirus outbreak, but this time it has stopped using city lockdowns and instead plans to move dozens of people into tightly controlled quarantine camps.

In the Haizhu district of Guangzhou, a total of nearly 100,000 people have been forced to move to quarantine camps.

Qiu Ying, an advertising employee and her husband, said that many unexpectedly received “code reds” on their COVID health app, imposing quarantine. Others said their virus status unexpectedly changed from green to red, although pandemic workers did not show up to take them away, or to seal their doors.

Qui said, “There may be too many people given red codes and yellow codes, and local health authorities and volunteers are already too busy to deal with our case.”

A video, which was later censored, also appeared on social networks exposing how a group of public health workers attacked two women for not wearing masks in a take-out restaurant. In the images, the men can be seen tying up and throwing the women to the ground.

One of the women wrote on Weibo,“My friend got a bit emotional, they put us down even though we did not have any physical confrontation … my friend’s clothes were also torn apart.” she added, “They didn’t allow us to call the police … they were violent before even checking our health code.”

Several publications have tried to reveal the repressive “zero-COVID protocols on social networks, but the strict censorship policy of the Chinese regime has eliminated any negative opinion against its measures and the CCP.

The extreme restrictions have provoked outrage among citizens and on November 21, some brave residents of Guangzhou dared to protest. They knocked down the barricades closing the city and even overturned police cars.

Although the world is now back to normal and most countries have ended pandemic restrictions, the Chinese regime continues to expose its people to draconian restrictions and make them live a life of need.

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