North Korea’s communist regime reportedly hacked into the database of Pfizer Inc. laboratory to obtain information about its vaccine and treatments against the CCP Virus, South Korean lawmakers said on Tuesday, Feb. to 16 following a briefing by their intelligence agency.

Earlier Tuesday, Ha Tae-keung, a member of the South Korean parliament’s intelligence committee, told reporters that the National Intelligence Service informed him and other lawmakers during a closed-door briefing that North Korea hacked Pfizer to obtain CCP Virus (COVID-19) vaccine technology, NEWSMAX reported.

After Ha’s comments quickly spread through newspapers, the Intelligence Service called the comments “incorrect” and said he did not mention any pharmaceutical company by name when he told lawmakers that North Korean hackers were seeking information about the CCP Virus vaccine.

However Ha stood by his assertion when contacted by The Associated Press, saying the Intelligence Service documents he was shown said, “North Korea stole vaccine information from Pfizer and tried to steal technology from South Korean pharmaceutical and vaccine firms.” He said the lawmakers were required to return the documents at the end of the briefing.

While North Korea has not confirmed its involvement in the reported events, they were involved in a number of high-profile cyberattacks in recent years. Even South Korea’s National Intelligence Service previously claimed to have thwarted its neighbor’s attempts to hack into South Korean companies developing CCP Virus vaccines.

The official line of the North Korean regime is that it has had no cases of the CCP Virus, the international community casts some doubt on the claim that the country has escaped the pandemic without a single infection. 

The top leader of the Korean regime, Kim Jong Un, frequently showed his concern about the virus, even closing borders about a year ago with China, its main economic and political partner. This left North Korea’s economy badly hit, pushing it into its biggest contraction in two decades. 

North Korea’s trade with the CCP dropped by almost 100% in the last quarter of 2020. This will likely lead to a crop shortage of 1 million tons this year, when demand is expected to reach 5.5 million tons.

It is worth remembering that North Korea’s health system is in a deplorable condition, which added to a strong famine and a possible pandemic transmission of the virus, could imply an explosive combo for the communist regime.

This chaotic situation that North Korea’s communist regime is facing could in part explain the motivation for hacking the Pfizer laboratory data.

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