The Wall Street Journal published an article on Monday, Jan. 4, where it reports that representatives of the communist regime of North Korea in Europe visited several embassies asking questions about how to get doses of the CCP Virus vaccines, despite the fact that the mysterious country supposedly has not registered any infections.

According to information provided by Gavi, a WHO coalition whose goal is to coordinate global collaboration to accelerate the development, production, and equitable access to CCP Virus tests, treatments, and vaccines for developing countries, North Korea submitted its application to receive the CCP Virus vaccine.

There are currently two vaccines approved by the U.S. regulator, Pfizer and Moderna, in addition to the one from the British laboratory AstraZeneca. China and Russia also developed an experimental vaccine that some South American countries such as Argentina have purchased.

The curious fact is that the regime in Pyongyang decided to ask European countries about the vaccine, when its best ally, the Chinese Communist Party and neighboring country, has supposedly developed a vaccine against the Chinese virus.

According to Breitbart, North Korean state media, the country’s only source of legal news, announced on Monday that authorities will soon intensify emergency anti-epidemic work as the number of infected people around the world grows during the winter.

However, communist authorities made no mention of any cases of the CCP Virus within North Korea’s borders.

While Kim Jong Un quickly closed his borders with China, the epicenter of the pandemic, it is hard to believe that there are no cases in the country, given that its other neighbors, South Korea and Russia, also had major outbreaks of the CCP Virus.

Typically, the authorities of the mysterious communist country mounted a good deal of TV footage of operations disinfecting “heaven and earth” and declaring that the government has “intensified” its “anti-pandemic” work. Moreover, like their Chinese communist counterpart, they “built” a modern hospital “for the people” in a record time that is arguably laughable. 

“At a time when the world was despairingly drawn into a catastrophe of pandemic crisis, we in the DPRK launched the construction of Pyongyang General Hospital as a modern medical service facility for the people and its construction is now dynamically propelled in its final stage,” boasted North Korean Ambassador Kim Song.

One of the challenges facing impoverished North Korea, given its international sanctions imposed by its growing nuclear activity, is that given the case of humanitarian aid reaching the country, the lack of technology and facilities would make it very difficult to deploy a successful operation in a short time.

In addition, opening the borders to international aid would be the equivalent of suicide for Kim Jong Un who, following the tradition of his father and grandfather, has managed to hide the true situation of the people and the country from the rest of the world.

When a South Korean government official said that she found it “hard to believe” that the neighboring country was not infected, the North Koreans’ warlike response included a sense of insecurity and fear on the part of the authorities, which perhaps indicates that the situation of its inhabitants is truly terrible.

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