An 88-year-old Canadian woman, Tinney Davidson, has been waving to the children who walked by her white ranch-style house in Comox, British Columbia, Canada, for over 12 years, CBC News reported.

Davidson had been waving to the children ever since she and her husband moved into the Comox neighborhood back in 2007 as their home is located near Highland Secondary School.

Each and every morning without fail, she’d sit in the same chair on the porch or inside looking out the front window, smiling and waving hello to the countless students who passed by and they delighted in waving back. And she kept up the tradition after her husband Ken’s death in 2014.

“I just liked the look of the children and they all looked in and I thought, ‘If they’re looking in, I’ll wave to them,’ and that’s how it started,” Davidson said during an interview in 2014.

Tinney became a staple of her community, known and loved for bringing a daily moment of happiness to so many students. In 2014, the local middle school held an assembly dedicated to Tinney. The students decided to repay her kindness by giving her dozens of cards and gifts for Valentine’s Day in 2016.

When the community heard that the “Waving Granny” would soon be moving into an assisted living home, more than 400 youngsters gathered in her front yard on Thursday, April 25, to express their gratitude and to say goodbye. They wanted it to be spectacular. The teens collectively blew her kisses, gave her hugs, and waved goodbye and made Davidson cry tears of joy.

“I was shocked again that’s there’s so many kids that want to say goodbye to me,” she said.

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