On May 7, 2021, the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) declared June as “Pride Month,” and to ‘honor’ the ‘celebration’ decided to fly the flag of the homosexual movement in all district schools, publicly violating the essence of the Catholic religion marriage and the teachings of Jesus, Life Site News reported. 

The school board recently created an ‘SLGBTQ+ advisory committee that recommended that the homosexual pride flag is flown at Catholic school institutions during June.

The decision was debated and voted on during a board session, and the final vote was 7-5 in favor.

One of the members of the delegations voting and debating the issue was former Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne who is openly lesbian and as a former education minister, was responsible for launching the pro-homosexual Equity and Inclusive Education strategy, which encouraged school boards to participate in Gay Pride parades, use texts by homosexual authors and introduce gay-straight alliance clubs in schools. 

 But there was also opposition such as Ms. Nancy Crawford, Michael Del Grande, and Teresa Lubinski, who argued that raising the ‘pride’ flag would mean endorsing sexual behaviors at odds with Catholic sexual moral teaching. 

“The Pride Flag and the Pride movement go against our Catholic faith in many ways,” Councilor Crawford said at one point during the meeting. 

Some councilors recalled that the Archdiocese of Toronto itself advised against approving such actions that violate the concept of marriage between man and woman.

The Archdiocese said in its letter that parents “make a clear choice when they decide that their children will attend a Catholic school. They rightly expect that trustees, principals, teachers — all partners in education — will ensure that Catholic teaching is presented, lived and infused in all that we do.” 

But apparently, what parents want counts for nothing, and Catholic schools will be Canada’s national embarrassment come June.

Jack Fonseca, of the Canadian pro-life and pro-family organization Campaign Life Coalition, was perplexed as he watched the whole process, “Watching the trustees debate last night, I couldn’t believe that I was witnessing an official arm of the Roman Catholic Church agree to celebrate sexual sin. It was horrifying.” 

“Everybody knows that the Gay Pride flag and ‘Pride Month’ represent ideologies that embody the rejection of Christian doctrine. The gay Pride flag represents the belief that homosexual relationships are equivalent to biblical marriage. It represents support for the adoption of children by homosexuals which places them in permanently and obligatorily fatherless or motherless situations. It represents the belief that sodomy and other same-sex sex acts are morally acceptable and not sinful,” Fonseca rightly stated. 

He added: “These ideologies are diametrically opposed to Catholic doctrine and Christian anthropology of the human person. They are evil.”

What’s wrong with religion in Canada?

In March, a priest of Grace Life Church in Alberta was arrested for giving his Sunday Mass despite the government’s order to cease religious activities under the guise of the pandemic. 

James Coates was detained for a month and paid a fine of $1500 before being released; just for holding a religious service, he was treated like a criminal. 

The news went viral, and many people went to the church self-convened from other parts of Canada to show their support for the priest. 

In response, the authorities sent at least 200 armed police, helicopters, and several vehicles ready to crack down on peaceful protesters who challenged the government’s ‘authority.

Inevitably in countries or places where rights for the LGBT community are expanded, they tend to devour traditional values historically passed down by orthodox religions.

If the Toronto example is replicated in other countries or places, this would be the beginning of the destruction of traditional values, a case of inverted values.

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