Top Islamic terrorists died after an Israeli counteroffensive operation targeted hundreds of military sites in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli security agency Shin Bet confirmed Israeli Defense Forces successfully killed Bassem Issa on May 12.

The late senior commander is widely considered a top Palestinian terrorist from the Hamas fundamentalist, militant, and nationalist organizations. According to Fox News, he was recently strongly condemned for firing more than 1,100 rockets at the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv since May 11.

The Israeli counteroffensive reportedly demolished three downtown high-rise buildings that hosted several Hamas leaders inside.

The agency also confirmed the death of 10 other Hamas commanders allegedly involved in producing and researching weaponry. According to the New York Post, these casualties include chief engineer Nazzem Hatib, head of group research Jamal Zabeda, and head of cyber command Jamaa Tahla.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently took a tough stance against the Tel Aviv attacks and is not ruling out further military action on Gaza.

An Israeli military official revealed three infantry brigades are “preparing for a worst-case scenario” in the conflict and even suggested a ground invasion could follow the aerial bombing according to the New York Times

Hamas officials quickly fired back by demanding that Jewish heads roll.

“Early reports indicate Hamas leader Fathi Hammad was eliminated,” Americans Against Antisemitism founder Dov Hikind said on Twitter. “That is poetic justice for a sick and vicious man who recently called for Palestinians to ‘cut off the heads of Jews.’ [It] seems Hamas is at least one arrogant head shorter.”

The Institute for Middle East Understanding shared footage on social media that appears to show hundreds of Israeli soldiers entering Lydd and marching through the area with a mission to quell Palestinian unrest.

“Israeli forces are invading the town of Lydd (within Israel) to repress Palestinian protest against Israeli apartheid and colonialism,” the institute said on Twitter.

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