The Taliban terrorist regime that seized power in Afghanistan in August after overthrowing the Afghan government in the military absence of the United States sent an open letter to the U.S. Congress asking for the release of some $7 billion that remains frozen at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The ‘foreign minister’ of the illegitimate Taliban regime that seized power by force in August after the US left the country, wrote a letter addressed to the US Congress explaining that with the end of the war between the two countries, bilateral relations could be restored.

In his letter, the ‘minister’ claims that the Taliban regime ‘entered’ Kabul at the request of the ‘people’ to fill the vacuum left by the Afghan government that had to flee in the face of the terrorists’ attack.

“Afghanistan has been blessed with a united, responsible and non-corrupt government after an over forty-years war. Practical steps have been taken towards good governance, security and transparency,” the letter said.

However, reports in mid-August from Christian organizations denounced the brutality of the Taliban.

“The Taliban are going door-to-door taking women and children. The people must mark their house with an “X” if they have a girl over 12 years old, so that the Taliban can take them. If they find a young girl and the house was not marked they will execute the entire family. If a married woman 25 years or older has been found, the Taliban promptly kill her husband, do whatever they want to her, and then sell her as a sex slave.”

There is no evidence that such practices have changed.

In fact, there are intelligence reports that the jihadist bombing at the Kabul airport that killed 13 U.S. servicemen was supported by the Taliban, who by then were in control of the city.

The Biden administration, as well as the Monetary Fund and the World Bank decided to freeze the assets of the Afghan government after the Taliban seized power, citing human rights violations and the illegitimacy of the regime.

Strictly speaking, the assets belonged to the legitimate government of Afghanistan which did maintain diplomatic relations and U.S. support.

Ironically the Taliban regime appealed to the compassion of the U.S. government saying that if the assets were not released, many misfortunes would befall Afghans and it would be partially the fault of the United States.

“The suffering of a child from malnutrition, the death of a mother from lack of health services, the deprivation of a common Afghan from food, shelter, medicine and other primary needs has no political or logical justification, and it is detrimental for the prestige of the government and people of the United States of America because this is a pure humanitarian issue,” the Taliban letter exclaims.

The United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001 after discovering that the group responsible for the World Trade Center attack, Al-Qaeda, was based in Afghanistan and supported by the Taliban who ruled the country.

U.S. military forces displaced the Taliban regime, accused of violence against its own people, and established a legitimate government, combating terrorist cells in the region.

According to Breitbart, Republican Senator Marco Rubio sent a letter in August to the Secretary of the Treasury to prevent the money from falling into the hands of the Taliban whom he accuses of not having changed.

“The Taliban are sponsors of terrorism who maintain close ties with Al-Qaeda, and therefore they cannot be trusted to distribute money to the Afghan people who desperately need it, and will instead use any and all funds to actively advance priorities hostile to U.S. interests,” the Republican wrote.

In September, U.S. State Department spokesman Jake Sullivan assured that the Biden administration is ready to send humanitarian aid and to establish relations with the Taliban on a conditional basis.

“When it comes to our economic and development assistance relationship with the Taliban, that will be about the Taliban’s actions,” Sullivan said.

“It will be about whether they follow through on their commitments, their commitments to safe passage for Americans and Afghan allies, their commitment to not allow Afghanistan to be a base from which terrorists can attack the United States or any other country, their commitments with respect to upholding international obligations,” the official added. “It’s going to be up to them, and we will wait and see by their actions how we end up responding in terms of the economic and developmental assistance relationship.”

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