French President Emmanuel Macron announced Monday, July 12, that all healthcare workers, be they nurses, doctors, etc., will have to be vaccinated against COVID (CCP) Virus by September 15. Anyone over the age of 12 who wants to leave their home, whether to have a coffee, sit down for a meal or go to the cinema, will have to provide proof of having been vaccinated or at least not being infected.

According to Daily Mail, Macron said:

“The more we vaccinate, the less space we will leave for the virus to spread. It is a new speed race that is underway. We must move towards the vaccination of all French people.”

The Frenchman told health workers, “you will have until September 15 to get vaccinated.” After that date, controls will be made, and sanctions will be applied.

The strict measures according to the media are in response to the Delta strain which comes from India and is highly contagious.

“From the beginning of August, the health pass will apply to cafés, restaurants, hospitals, retirement homes, and long-distance transport: planes, trains, and coaches for long journeys,” said Mr. Macron.

The president further added that this week they will start checking borders for those tourists coming from ‘high-risk’ countries—UK and Portugal—and that those entering without a vaccination passport will be forcibly isolated.

“From July 21, use of the health pass will be extended to places of leisure and culture,” Macron warned, and “for all our compatriots over 12 years old, it will be necessary to have been vaccinated or have a negative test to access a show, an amusement park, a concert or a festival.”

Statistics show that only 42% of hospital workers have been vaccinated and 43% of nursing home staff.

The vaccination passport is already available in France through an app, which shows whether the person has been vaccinated or tested negative for infection in the last 72 hours.

The French president’s announcement comes as a bucket of cold water to the French, who had just ‘returned to normal’ the past three days when the government lifted the restrictions.

Full bars and restaurants, streets crowded with people who came to the country for the Tour de France had brought life back to the beautiful French cities.

The number of people admitted to French hospitals and intensive care units has been falling for weeks. Still, doctors expect it to rise as the increase in delta variant infections affects vulnerable populations, as has happened in Great Britain and Spain.

France is not the only country in the European community to resort to strict measures to curb contagions.

In Italy, both healthcare workers and pharmacists are obliged to be vaccinated. Otherwise, they are suspended from work or have their income withheld.

A similar situation was experienced in Spain, just a few weeks after the government lifted the restrictions, it has again decided to close the discotheques.

Breakthrough cases

Several reports from different countries such as Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom show that many people are ‘re-infected’ despite being vaccinated.

According to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 4,100 people have been hospitalized or died with Covid-19 in the U.S. despite being fully vaccinated.

In Israel, with 80% of adults vaccinated, there were 70% breakthrough cases. One-third of those re-infections occurred in vaccinated people.

In the United Kingdom, a report says that between June 8 and June 14 there were 73 coronavirus deaths of fully vaccinated people.

When compared to the number of vaccines administered in these countries, while not really high or worrisome, the figures do not give any certainty that the vaccine is the definitive answer against the CCP Virus as mainstream media affirms it.

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