Zaki Anwari, one of the victims who clung to the underbelly of a C-17 Globemaster airplane, perished after falling from the sky. Afghanistan’s General Directorate of Physical Education and Sports announced the terrible news on Facebook.

A swarm of people can be seen rushing alongside a U.S. Air Force C-17 aircraft in a video that went popular on social media.

People appear to be falling off the same plane in a second video taken shortly after it took off from Kabul airport on Aug. 16.

Following the Taliban’s rapid onslaught, which culminated with them seizing control when President Ashraf Ghani fled, tens of thousands of Afghans went to the airport this week in an attempt to leave the country.

Hundreds of people were seen rushing alongside a U.S. Air Force jet as it gathered speed on the runway in a frightening video from the airport on Monday, with many men frantically clinging to the side.

The U.S. military acknowledged that human remains were subsequently discovered in a wheel well, and that it was examining the fatalities related to the C-17.

“Before the air crew could offload the cargo, the aircraft was surrounded by hundreds of Afghan civilians,” said Ann Stefanek, a spokesperson for the U.S. Air Force.

“Faced with a rapidly deteriorating security situation around the aircraft, the C-17 crew decided to depart the airfield as quickly as possible.”

U.S. President Joe Biden has been pressed both at home and internationally to explain why his government appeared unprepared for the Taliban’s rapid attack—and why U.S. soldiers are leaving Afghanistan in such a hasty manner.

Many Afghans have tried to leave because of their memories of the Taliban’s cruel reign in the 1990s, which saw music and television outlawed, Afghans stoned to death, and women confined to their houses.

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