The whereabouts of Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, continue to be a mystery to the public. The last time he was seen in public was a month ago in Europe.

At the end of October this year, the Hong Kong press reported that Jack Ma had arrived in Hong Kong and then went to Europe for “research.” SCMP News later reported that Jack Ma went to the Netherlands to study agricultural and technological techniques related to environmental issues. This is the first time Jack Ma has appeared abroad within a year since authorities blocked him in China.

Many reports show that Chinese President Xi Jinping personally targeted Jack Ma and Alibaba. The main reason is that Jack Ma belongs to the faction of former General Secretary Jiang Zemin, who is rumored to be behind the attempted assassination of Xi Jinping.

“The Wall Street Journal” cited a report that, after investigating the equity structure of Ant, a subsidiary of Alibaba, the Communist Party of China (CCP) discovered that Jiang Zhicheng, the grandson of Jiang Zemin and Li Botan, the son-in-law of Jia Qinglin, a former member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of China, are both silent investors of Ant Group.

People familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal that Xi Jinping does not want Ant Group’s listing to bring substantial financial returns to interest groups.

In the Shanghai Financial Forum in October last year, Jack Ma accused CCP regulators of oppressing financial innovation. 

Jack Ma’s statements have angered senior Chinese CCP officials. The listing of Ant Financial Stock was immediately stopped, Jack Ma’s other sub-company got in trouble. Lakeside University canceled new enrollments and changed its name to “Zhejiang Lakeside Entrepreneurship Research Center.” The Alibaba fine was enormous. 

Jack Ma has rarely been seen since.

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