A well-known pub in the Australian state of Victoria said it would let the unvaccinated into its establishment when restrictions are eased, clarifying that they are not anti-vaccine.

Through a Facebook post that went viral, the owners of the Grand Hotel pub in Healesville advised that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people would be able to enter their pub. However, they clarified that if it becomes mandatory to use a vaccination passport to enter businesses, they will have no choice but to comply with the law.

The publication shows an image of the pub’s logo and the caption “Jab or no jab, everyone is welcome at the Grand Hotel Healesville.”

The post quickly received thousands of comments and was shared thousands of times.

As expected many of the comments were in favor of the pub’s decision and many others were against it.

One user commented, “Thank you for supporting all and not creating division,” adding, “you are going to be a very busy pub.”

Another user made this comment, “Good on you guys. It’s such a delight to see not all are discriminating those who chose not to have a jab. I’ll absolutely be there to support your amazing business.”

Another supportive comment reads, “Thankyou for being on the right side of history.”

In turn, some users showed their displeasure.

One commented, “Your choice mate, but here’s one little duck that won’t be stopping at your place, and I’m tipping you’ll change your mind by December.”

Another comment in the same vein “This is a pub I definitely won’t visit.”

The pub reaffirmed their stance with another post in which they further explained their thinking.

They first expressed surprise at the repercussions of the publication they had made.

“Well, we did not expect that post to go viral!”

Then they explained that they are not anti-vaccine, but they are not going to discriminate against people based on their decision.

“We just want to let you all know that we are not anti-vaxxers or non-covid believers. We believe in people making the right choice for them and we will not discriminate those, for whatever reason, who choose not to get the jab.”

And finally, they clarified that if it becomes mandatory to use a vaccination passport, they will do what the law dictates.

“The post was simply to say that when we finally are able to open up, we won’t discriminate against anyone. If, however, the law changes and it becomes mandatory to enter a business with a passport!, then we will have no choice and will abide by the law.”

It should be noted that the Grand Hotel Healesville’s publication came after the Premier of the state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, announced that the freedom of the inhabitants will be defined by access to the vaccine against the Covid or CCP (Communist Party of China) virus.

Thus, vaccinated citizens will be able to leave the blockade in the near future, while those who do not get the experimental vaccine will be denied medical treatment, the ability to work, shop, attend events and participate in the economy in general, according to an interview published by YouTube.

In Australia, solitary confinement policies are primarily dictated by individual states, which show uniformity in terms of setting them.

Apparently, authorities hope that they will achieve 80% vaccination coverage of the population by the end of this year and thereafter relax restrictions. 

However, they also expect that those who do not undergo vaccination will suffer consequences like those mentioned by Victorian Premier Andrews.

On the other hand, the results of the global vaccination campaign show that the highest percentage of people falling ill with COVID-19 are among those who received the recommended two doses for most brands, casting doubt on the success of the Australian government’s plans in this regard.

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