Noor bin Ladin, a niece of terrorist Osama Bin Laden, staged an eye-catching protest Wednesday, June 16, in Geneva when Joe Biden met with Vladimir Putin and told Britain’s Daily Mail that the U.S. president’s tour made it clear that Biden is not in charge and someone else is running things behind the scenes.

“This overseas trip made it all the more clear on the world stage that he is a frail, incapacitated man—and somebody else is running affairs behind the scene,” Noor said.

“Biden is a weak figure, but I don’t believe he is in charge of the United States right now,” she added. “Biden does not represent America.”

Born in Saudi Arabia, Noor bin Ladin, who also holds Swiss citizenship, organized a protest along with supporters of former President Donald Trump who in a flotilla of boats held banners that read “Trump won.”

With a clear nationalist sentiment toward the United States, Noor criticized Joe Biden’s globalist stance and his fragile state of mental health for leading the country.

“In the words of Macron last week, Biden brings America ‘back into the club,’” Noor reminded, “This club of ‘leaders’ do not have the interests of their respective populations at heart, but rather are intent on representing the interests of the ruling class.”

Reports in the conservative and unconventional media show a confused Biden on several occasions, sometimes lost when he stepped out of his prepared speech. Even reporters asking him questions were known to have been prearranged.

“From his many gaffes including repeatedly confusing Syria and Libya, to his inability to hold a joint press conference with President Putin—not to mention the lists of pre-planned reporters to call on—it is clear something is not as is being portrayed,” Noor told the Daily Mail.

Praise for Trump

According to Noor, had Trump been at the G7 things would have been starkly different.

“He is a firm leader who puts the interests of his country and its people first and foremost. But as he’s said and proven by the many successful dealings he’s had with other nations, America First does not mean America alone,” Ms. Bin Ladin said.

Speaking of photos circulated on social media showing Trump in a meeting with G7 leaders bowing to him, somehow asking him for something while the former president appeared to be begging, Noor said, “President Trump projects strength. Joe Biden projects weakness.”

Ms. Bin Ladin believes Trump will once again lead the United States and says she is now focused on the auditing of the Arizona election.

According to Noor the police and military vessels threatened her with arrest if she did not stop the pro-Trump signs but ultimately it did not escalate.

Prior to the November 2020 presidential election, Noor wrote an open letter to Americans alerting them to how important it was for Trump to win a second term.

“With President Trump at her helm, America stands a chance of restoring her principles, pride, independence and true place in the world as a beacon for liberty and hope for all.”

Family background

Noor bin Ladin and her two sisters Wafah and Najia grew up in Switzerland after their parents divorced. Their father, Yeslam bin Ladin, is an older half-brother of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden and their mother is Carmen Dufour, a Swiss writer.

Yeslam and Osama had the same father: Mohammed bin Laden, who made his fortune in the construction business.

Noor claims that her father has played no role in her life after a divorce from her mother in 1988.

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