An Indiana mother is in jail, accused of killing her son, who is said to have ingested meth.

The probable cause the affidavit says that 36-year-old Ashlee Rans called first responders to this address, she blamed herself for rolling over her baby while asleep.

Investigators have found out, however, that this was not the reason the baby died.

“The cause and manner of death were determined by the forensic pathologist and he determined the infant died of acute methamphetamine intoxication and the manner of death was a homicide,” an officer said.

The autopsy happened the day after the child died, revealing amphetamine as well as methamphetamine in the baby’s body.

The affidavit says Rans only admitted using marijuana, and she was conscious that there was a risk of passing the drug via breastfeeding to her infant.

She then confessed to being on meth two days before the death of the child after the autopsy came out.

Rans is currently in custody at the Marshall County jail and faces 20 to 40 years in jail if convicted on the charges.

Her initial court date has not yet been made public.


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