The BBC has invested millions of dollars in companies controlled by China’s repressive regime, accused of committing genocide against ethnic and religious minorities in the Asian country. 

As reported by the Daily Mail, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) injected more than $199 million from the pension funds of current and former employees into 10 companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), two of which are state-owned.

But according to reports, the amount invested, which corresponds to the contributions of 47,000 current and former employees, would be much higher, as the BBC only declares the funds of the 20 most significant holdings.

The CCP uses the state apparatus to perpetuate ruthless persecution, financed with money from the companies it tightly controls, against the minorities it seeks to eradicate, including Uighurs, Tibetans, and practitioners of the Falun Gong spiritual discipline (also known as Falun Dafa).

The CCP, through intimidation and bribery, tries to keep the genocide hidden. For example, John Sudworth, a BBC correspondent in Beijing, after reporting on what was happening to the Uighurs in Xinjiang Sudworth, had to flee under threat to Taiwan.

British MP Sir Iain Duncan Smith, former leader of the Conservative Party, directly targeted companies involved with the CCP to condemn their funding of the murderous regime with their employees’ contributions. 

“Licence fee payers would be horrified to know that, in one way or another, money that they pay to the BBC through their television licence ends ups sustaining a brutal, dictatorial and violent regime that practices genocide. It simply should not happen,” the MP said. 

Reports indicate that two of China’s largest state-owned banks are financed by the BBC pension system. One of which, the China Construction Bank Corporation, has among its board of directors the highest-ranking leaders of the regime and is the one that acts as a loan shark lending money to third world countries at unpayable interest rates in the Chinese “Belt and Road” megaproject. 

Another Chinese state-owned company mentioned in the report is China State Construction Engineering Corporation, which the U.S. included on a blacklist of corporations in which U.S. companies or individuals are prohibited from investing.

In addition, according to the report, the BBC invested around $57 million in the Chinese platform Alibaba. This company provided technology used in minority targetings, such as facial recognition and surveillance software. It also invested $54.5 million in Internet giant Tencent and $43.5 million in agricultural company Pinduoduo. 

Companies that operate with the Chinese regime either unwittingly or knowingly become complicit in genocide.

Uighur Muslims, and mainly Falun Gong practitioners, are locked up in forced labor camps, which the regime calls “re-education camps,” where they try to make them renounce their beliefs under torture. Many even lose their lives through forced organ harvesting to support the CCP’s lucrative transplant market.  

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