As time goes by, the entertainment industry and modern ‘art’ have gained enough confidence to surreptitiously introduce perverse concepts and normalize them, leading humanity into an abyss where morality and faith in Gods no longer exist.

Pedophilia, sexual abuse of children, human-lizard relations, cannibalism, morbidity are some of the things that the entertainment industry and so-called modern art have pushed into people’s minds to accept as normal, perhaps hoping that one day it will be legalized and accepted globally.

Looking in from the outside so as not to be affected

The normalization of these perversities is not presented directly to people, as it would be easier for a halfway decent person to reject them.

There is usually an expensive advertising campaign, an argument that appeals to people’s emotions and repetition.

The expensive advertising campaigns, which encompass visual media and even radio, are based on massive repetition, on ceremonies of great display (Oscars), on celebrities promoting and praising the product they want to sell.

Under slogans like “equality, acceptance, personal liberation,” Hollywood and modern art, through their advertising campaigns and so on, have managed to trick millions of people into accepting, for example, that pedophilia is not a perversion but an “inclination.”

It is really difficult for people not to be affected by this “technique” with the Internet and smartphones penetrating every aspect of modern life.

But once someone wakes up to this reality and looks at these things from the outside, with a little divine help, he can clearly see the wiles of this evil that tries to destroy our human nature.

Brimstone, attempting to justify pedophilia and child abuse

Starring Guy Pearce, “Brimstone” tells the story of an abusive priest who persecutes a woman and her daughter, who is just a few years old.

At one point in the film, the disgusting Guy Pearce tries to molest the girl and even asks her if she has had her period (she is only about 6 years old).

Pearce is never portrayed as the mean character but to go so far as to involve a minor in that verbal exchange is so deeply evil.

Of course, in Hollywood, nothing is a coincidence. The role of the priest is to demonize religion. Even though thousands of clergymen have been convicted of sexual abuse, the ultimate goal is for people to stop believing in God altogether.

The Shape of Water, a human having sex with a lizard

The shape of water, a film that introduces a sexual relationship between a woman and a lizard (deepskyobject/Flickr)

A twisted film in which a woman “falls in love” with a lizard in what appears to be a basement where the animal lives.

The film has a scene where the two have carnal relations.

According to David Icke, an English journalist well known in the underworld of information, many lizards are dressed as humans who try to mingle with humans, some in high places of power. Perhaps Mr. Icke’s theory gives us an explanation for the twisted intent of this film.

Bodies, the inhuman abuse behind the morbidity

Bodies the exhibition presents real human bodies from prisoners of conscience from China on Oct. 23, 2008. (Flickr/Rich Anderson)

The show, deceptively described as ‘educational,’ presents people’s bodies sometimes without skin, with some of their organs, muscles, and bones on view. Some are women with their baby in utero, in various ‘artistic’ poses.

Notably, the bodies are of Chinese people. Some have bullet holes in their heads. The exhibit owners claim to use a technique called ‘plastination’ which involves replacing human fluids with a gel that then solidifies.

But according to Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting, the bodies are mainly of practitioners of Falun Dafa, a spiritual discipline of the Buddha School that is severely persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which even harvests their organs to sell to transplant tourists in Chinese hospitals or on the black market for transplants.

Horrific numbers of Falun Dafa practitioners, Christians, Uighurs, disappear daily in China under the secretive dictatorship of the CCP. Many are never seen again.

Although the show owners reject the allegations, they were never able to present any documentation that the bodies were donated.

A ‘modern art’ exhibit features child abuse, pedophilia, and the brainwashing technique known as MK Ultra

According to an article last year by The Vigilant Citizen, “an art exhibition in Cremona, Italy used city billboards to display paintings by artist Nicoletta Ceccoli who specializes in disturbing MKULTRA-themed imagery, complete with clear allusions to child abuse. Here’s a look at this horrific display of elite depravation.”

“Good Girls Go Bad,” Represents the “corruption” of children after being forced into the satanic system of the elite. (Facebook/NicolettaCeccoliPainter)
“Hour of the Devil” Refers to the “Witching Hour,” that time at night where the invocation of the demons is the most potent. This painting is about MK slaves partaking in satanic rituals and invocations to further trauma and control (Facebook/NicolettaCeccoliPainter)

For those who are not familiar with the term MK Ultra, it is a technique used by spy agencies that apparently also expanded outside of that realm to separate a person from their main consciousness and create one or more alternate consciousnesses for them to do things or act in a way that they would not consciously do and therefore are not aware of their actions.

This is the explanation why innocent children are acting like adults when they are abused.

‘Compagno Di Giochi’ means ‘Playmate.’ It is about an MK handler abusing a young girl on a dualistic floor. This is clearly pedophilic ‘art’ (Facebook/NicolettaCeccoliPainter)

Regardless of whether one can believe in these things, there are many testimonies of people who managed to break through the MK Ultra brainwashing and gave their testimonies of what they remember doing under its effect.

‘Wicked Delights.’ A scary figure offers a phallic-shaped lollipop to a young girl. The red and white mushrooms on the ground indicate that the girl is probably drugged (Facebook/NicolettaCeccoliPainter)
‘Til the End’ a painting representing a handler physically abusing a slave. The title indicates that she won’t come out of this alive. (Facebook/NicolettaCeccoliPainter)
The cover of the illustrated book ‘Resta Con Me’ (Stay With Me) is pure Monarch symbolism. Sitting on a checkerboard pattern floor (the ritualistic surface of occult transformation), a girl dressed in red (the color of sacrifice) is surrounded by masks representing the alter-personas of an MK slave (Facebook/NicolettaCeccoliPainter)
Besides being a pedophile’s fantasy, this painting represents the training of Beta Kitten slaves on a ritualistic floor. (Facebook/NicolettaCeccoliPainter)

This display of ‘modern art’ doesn’t need much explanation. Sadly enough, this exhibition has toured the world and poisoned the minds of thousands of people.

These things are spreading in society, with their respective sponsors, in advertisements, in magazines, in newspapers, and on TV, and are becoming ‘normalized.’

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