According to Xi’an officials’ announcement, starting from Dec. 27th, the city will suspend the policy of citizens going to the market once every two days. 

Previously, Xi’an has implemented a blockade of the city from December 23rd. As of December 28th, it was the sixth day of the closure.

As Sina News reported, initially, people could go out to buy necessities once every two days. However, from 12 o’clock on the 27th, Xi’an has suspended this policy. 

Furthermore, Xi’an officials have required all residents to complete nucleic acid tests, and only those with confirmed negative results are allowed to go out. 

This is said to be an enhanced measure in disease control by local authorities.

Faced with increased control and expensive food prices, more than 20 home appliance manufacturers and supermarket chains in Shaanxi requested price stabilization on the 28th. 

The Aboluowang website quoted many local netizens, expressing their dissatisfaction with this method of increased control. The reason behind this discontent is that about 10 million people are under lockdown at home, unable to leave their houses for food. Furthermore, food prices are too high to afford while the delivery force is insufficient. 

China News Weekly recently published an article, “Torture the emergency performance of the tens of millions of people in Xi’an,” bluntly stating that the epidemic traceability in Xi’an has been slow and chaotic. 

At the same time, the health code system has collapsed, while the emergency response performance in terms of epidemic prevention is “disappointing.”

The article added that a series of chaos arose after Xi’an was closed. As a provincial capital city with tens of millions of people, the city’s emergency management system was overwhelmed.

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