The “Red Mansion” case, in which dozens of sex slaves were detained in Shanghai, became a hot topic on Weibo but was quickly deleted. The Shanghai media have avoided the issue. However, the incident has raised concerns about the involvement of many high-ranking CCP figures behind the scenes.

In November of this year, the judge who tried the “Xiao Hong Lou” case was fired, attracting netizens’ attention. As a result, it became a new hot search keyword on Weibo in early December. The topic “#beginning and ending of the Xiao Hong Lou case in Shanghai#” received more than 600 million clicks in just a few days.

But by the early morning of Dec. 5, 600 million streams were said to have disappeared.

As previously reported by mainland media, the “Little Red House” case took place from 2000 to 2019. When Zhao Fuqiang, a seamster born in a rural area, started his business by running a barbershop in Shanghai to sell sex.

The company used bribery, alcohol, and sex to bring in officials of all levels to grow the business.

Zhao Fuqiang first forced his wife into prostitution, then forced other women he tricked to satisfy his lust by teaching, imprisoning, and beating them.

They provide sexual services to the public, even taking female eggs through a surgical procedure, selling them, and offering surrogacy for Zhao Fuqiang and officials.

Zhao Fuqiang married several female victims, then trained them to become sex slave managers in the “Red Mansion.”

He also hired the husbands or family members of many sex slaves as security guards or staff.

Zhao Fuqiang also installed many hidden cameras in the “Red Mansion” to record photos and videos of officials who came to indulge in debauchery and used them to blackmail.

The report also mentions that the female victims called the police for help. Still, they were not accepted, and that some of the women who managed to escape from the “Red Mansion” were brought straight back by the police.

In 2019 and 2020, the Shanghai Second Intermediate Court sentenced Zhao to death, and 37 Red Villa managers and other employees received various jail terms. In addition, political, legal, and police officials of the Yangpu District were also convicted.

The incident sparked a heated debate on Weibo. Many netizens are shocked that such a horrible forced prostitution case has appeared in today’s society. They question how much the degradation of public power has allowed Zhao Fuqiang to do anything he wants.

Others argued that the sentence for Zhao Fuqiang and local officials was too light.

An article quoted a former police officer at the Shanghai Public Security Bureau saying that Zhao Fuqiang spent a long time doing business in the Yangpu district. Through money and sex transactions, he had a strong relationship with internal government agencies. Finally, as these relationships were strengthened, he felt that he was then unstoppable. 

The most senior official convicted in the “Red Mansion” case is Lu Yan, a Standing Committee of the Yangpu CCP District Party Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission in Shanghai.

But public opinion has questioned the accuracy of the amount of money generated by Zhao Fuqiang, said to be around $156 million.

When the “Red mansion” case was reported on Weibo, hardly any media in Shanghai reported it. 

Shanghai is the political seat of Jiang Zemin’s faction in the Chinese Communist Party. It is currently dominated by Xi’s close associate Li Qiang.

Therefore, public opinion speculates that the “Red Mansion” case may be related to a power struggle within the CCP.

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