The development of the pandemic by the CCP Virus (Chinese Communist Party Virus) that currently has the world on edge, likewise has the Hungarian-born financial speculator George Soros worried, given the way the outbreak has been directly impacting on globalization.

One of Soros’s standard-bearers, economist and writer Philippe Legrain, has expressed in a column in Foreign Policy magazine the concern that globalists currently have about the way in which the pandemic is restricting the progress of their progressive policies.

The article titled, “‘The Coronavirus Is Killing Globalization as We Know It.’ The outbreak has been a gift to nativist nationalists and protectionists, and it is likely to have a long-term impact on the free movement of people and goods,” the economist said.

According to Legrain, “The coronavirus crisis is likely to have a lasting impact, especially when it reinforces other trends that are already undermining globalization. It may deal a blow to fragmented international supply chains, reduce the hyper-mobility of global business travelers, and provide political fodder for nationalists who favor greater protectionism and immigration controls.”

Soros, founder of the Open Society, an organization promoting groups and initiatives clearly influenced by 21st-century socialism, said at the last Davos forum in Switzerland that the 2020 elections in the United States would determine the “fate of the world.”

He did not hesitate to criticize the way the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has been handling the country’s policies, promoting a patriotic ideal for the American nation. As Breitbart News pointed out, during the event that took place last January, President Trump said, “A nation’s highest duty is to its own citizens (…) Honoring this truth is the only way to build faith and confidence in the market system. Only when governments put their own people first will people be fully invested in their national futures.”

“A pro-worker, pro-citizen, pro-family agenda demonstrates how a nation can thrive when its communities, its companies, its government work together for the good of the whole nation,” President Trump added.

It is worth remembering that under the slogan “Make America Great Again,” President Trump outlined his 2016 presidential campaign and now for the upcoming election he has changed the slogan to “Keep America Great.”

So far, as a result of the measures taken by the Trump administration, the United States has seen a boom in employment. This was announced by the secretary of Labor during the last quarter of 2019, which closed with 266,000 jobs.

“The unemployment rate of 3.5% matched the September 2019 rate, a level that has not been achieved since 1969,″ said Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia in a statement.

According to an analysis by the Wall Street Journal, workers’ wages increased by 4.5% between November 2018 and November 2019, while the wages of the top 25% of salaried workers increased by 2.9%.

In the current epidemic scenario, the Trump administration’s handling of the CCP Virus issue remains high among Americans with 55% approval versus 43% disapproval, according to a survey published on March 20 by ABC News.

In various public speeches, President Trump has referred to himself as a detractor of the policies and initiatives of globalism.

As Legrain pointed out in his opinion column, “As a result, the coronavirus crisis threatens to herald a less globalized world. The coronavirus crisis is a political gift to nativist nationalists and protectionists.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. government has its sights set on legislation being forged in Congress to put a definitive end to dependence on medical supplies from China for U.S. companies.

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