A law banning the killing of six-day-old chicken embryos because they are sensitive to pain was recently passed by the German legislature, according to the German news tagesschau.

This new law does nothing but question the current moment in which we live since it seeks to protect and not kill chicken embryos because they feel pain, but at the same time, abortions continue to be performed in Germany regardless of the pain felt by the unborn children who are killed.

This does not mean that seeking to protect animals is wrong, what we must pay attention to is the little value that is being given to human life nowadays.

The new legislation was promoted by the Minister of Agriculture, Julia Klöckner, who presented the bill in 2020 and will come into force in 2022.

This will affect the 45 million male chicks killed because they neither lay eggs nor be fattened enough to be used as food.

Animal rights activists have been calling for years for an end to this slaughter, and the new law states that “It is forbidden to kill domestic chickens of the species Gallus gallus.”

Breeders will have to use methods to know the sex of the chicks while they are in the eggs, and if they are male, they will not hatch. It is stipulated that by 2024 it will be possible to determine the sex very early to be discarded quickly and feel no pain.

As reported by LIFE SITE, the German Animal Welfare Association was pleased with the law, although it questioned the two-stage approach since it will not be until 2024 that the chicks will really feel no pain when killed.

The professor of Roman history, David Engels, showed on Twitter what his opinion is with a sarcastic tweet: “When the chicken embryo enjoys more #lifeprotection than the human embryo, you know you’ve arrived at the best Europe ever..”

On the other hand, in Germany, abortions can be performed during the first 12 weeks of gestation, and even abortions can be performed after the first trimester of pregnancy for medical and criminal reasons.

It is important to be clear about the developmental process of the baby during pregnancy in order to really take the unborn child for what it truly is and not as something that can be discarded because you want to.

  • Week 6-7: Although still too small for the mother to feel, the embryo already has a definite baby shape and the brain waves are detectable.
  • Week 8: The brain represents almost half of the total weight of the embryo and the digestive system is already functioning. It can also open and close its eyes and hair has begun to grow.
  • Week 9-10: The embryo is already recognized as a fetus. It can stretch, sigh, grasp and feel through the nerves of the face, feet and palms. In week 10, hands, feet and fingerprints begin to form.
  • Week 11-12: The anatomy of the fetus becomes distinctly male or female and taste buds emerge.

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