Unofficial reports claim that the French Republican Guard has resigned from its functions, in protest against the extreme restrictions imposed by the government on citizens regarding the COVID-19 pandemic or CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus. 

The reason for the resignation was reportedly a Presidential Decree imposing the carrying and use of a “Health Passport” [Vaccine Certificate] to store in stores, use bars, and even exercise the right to vote, according to the Hal Turner Radio Show alternative media on July 24. 

Additionally, French National Assembly deputy Martine Wonner, who is also a psychiatrist, referred to the resignation of the Republican Guard according to a video clip [in French] shared in a tweet from Twitter user @daniTtP5.

“The Republican Guard is withdrawn, it does not wish to provide protection for the president [Macron],” Wonner announced in an interview.

The Republican Guard’s functions include the security of the highest state authorities. 

The provisions state, “As of July 21, 2021, the health card will be mandatory in all places and events intended for cultural, sports and leisure activities (theaters, cinemas, museums, amusement parks, festivals, concert halls, indoor sports facilities, etc.) with a capacity of at least 50 people.” 

It includes those over 12 years of age, who “must present proof of non-contamination with Covid: certificate of full vaccination, negative RT-PCR or antigenic test of less than 48 hours, result of a positive RT-PCR test, of at least 11 days and less than 6 months, proving recovery from Covid.” 

On the other hand, the obligation to obtain a health passport is generating strong protests from citizens in France. Over the last few months, mass protests have increased in the main cities of the country. Last weekend they reached their peak.

Users of social networks have also expressed their dissatisfaction with the government’s restrictive provisions. 

“Making access to health facilities subject to the presentation of a health passport is such a violation of the most sacred norms, that this idea could only germinate in sick brains, like the rest of these senseless and totally disproportionate measures,” wrote René Chiche, on his Twitter account @rene_chiche.

In response to this tweet the author Jean-louis TRON wrote: “A sick brain ruling the country and accomplices determined to carry out the orders of a deranged man … will understand … and TV sets transmitting measures not yet voted to the AN.” 

Another of the Internet users attributes the extreme governmental provisions to the movement promoted from The World Economic Forum by its director, Klaus Schwab, who intends to impose the Great Reset, with the support of most of the governments and many of the multinational companies. 

“They will continue. Macron does not represent himself, he will put the board to the MAXIMUM!!!, at the end of the end. The worst has not begun. On both sides. Super sad. Read The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab and T. Malleret,” lamented user @JJJoptimist_RED.

The Great Reset would be an attempt against God and against humanity, according to Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, who pointed out that the author of this plan is an elite that wants to subjugate all of humanity, imposing coercive measures with which it will drastically limit the freedoms of individuals and peoples.

In his remarks Vigano highlighted a state of generalized crisis in which principles and institutions that have been the foundations of human culture are threatened. 

“Every day we perceive that attacks are multiplying from those who want to destroy the very basis of society: the natural family, respect for human life, love of the homeland, freedom of education and business,” Vigano pointed out.

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