Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that Japan, the United States and Taiwan need to boost cooperation in various fields, including technology and information exchanges, amid the Chinese Communist Party’s aggression.

Speaking at a security summit in Taipei on Dec. 14, Abe urged Taiwan to rise and spread its democracy to around the world. He said that when Taiwan’s democracy is challenged, it poses a severe risk to everyone, especially to Japan.

This is Abe’s second speech to a Taiwanese consultant agency in two weeks, during the “Taiwan-U.S.-Japan Trilateral Indo-Pacific Security Dialogue 2021,” a forum co-hosted by the three countries, according to Aboluo Wang.

Abe underlined his view that if something happens to Taiwan, it will happen to Japan. 

He said that weakness will lead to provocations from the CCP. During his administration, he also boosted Japan’s defense capabilities and increased investment in the U.S.-Japan alliance. The U.S. and Japanese militaries were closer than they had ever been.

During the forum, Abe also warned China not to seek military action against Taiwan.

“A huge economy like China, once it ventures to seek military action, it will be an act of ‘suicide,” Abe said.

“We must urge them not to pursue territorial expansion and restrain from provoking, often bullying, their neighbors because it would harm their own interests,” he continued.  

To increase support for Taiwan, Abe believes that the U.S., Japan and Taiwan need to completely upgrade their capabilities in the submarine, sea, air, cyber and space domains and think about a new way to share their knowledge and technology more effectively. 

Abe stated that Taiwan is qualified to even join the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the forerunner of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership. 

The former prime minister said the U.S. and Japan should also work to help Taiwan join in many international organizations, including the World Health Organization.

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