Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, during a press conference on March 3, told foreigners not to believe the “American action movie” shown by the media. He also lashed out firmly against the Ukrainian president and the United States, according to The Daily Mail.

During a virtual press conference on Thursday in Moscow, 71-year-old Russian minister Lavrov compared the U.S. to ‘Napoleon and Hitler.’

“Napoleon and Hitler had the objective to have the whole of Europe under their control,” the Russian minister said.

“Now Americans have got Europe under their control. We from the situation what role the EU is really playing in the context of the global situation,” he continued.

“Quite simply, they are just fulfilling a role. So we see that there’s a picture like in Hollywood of absolute evil and absolute good and this is unfortunate,” he said.

Lavrov assured that “hysteria” would end and “our partners will settle down after a while and we will sit down to negotiate.”

But he added that this should be “only on one absolute condition and that is as equal parties.”

The minister spoke two days after a Russian missile strike hit a Holocaust memorial in Kyiv. When asked by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos about whether he considers Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine’s first Jewish president, to be a Nazi, Lavrov replied, “I think the Nazis and neo-Nazis manipulate him.” 

“Please learn more facts. Don’t try to pretend that this American action movie is developing according to your plan of absolute good and absolute evil,” Lavrov told the journalist.

“Europe and the U.S. are trying to close down any media from Russia who covers what is happening in Ukraine, how the special military operation is developing and how the Ukrainian army—especially Nazi battalions—are behaving towards their civilians,” he added according to Sky News.

“They are literally robbing civilians as they retreat in Donbas, for example.”

The minister furthermore again defended Russia’s operation over Ukraine, insisting that it is an effort to “de-militarise and de-Nazify and to stop any more violence.” He claimed that the Russian military had a “very strict order to use weapons only against military infrastructure.”

Lavrov insists Russia is not planning nuclear conflict

The Russian minister assures that the idea that Russia is planning a nuclear conflict is promoted by the United States but is unfounded.

“The thought of nuclear is constantly spinning in the heads of Western politicians but not in the heads of Russians,” he said. “I assure you that we will not allow any kind of provocation to throw us off balance.”

During a Thursday conference, the minister also said that the U.S. is interested in Ukraine because the Pentagon had built biological weapons laboratories. He also accused the UK of having bases there. 

“We have evidence that the Pentagon is very much concerned about the fate of chemical and bio facilities in Ukraine because the Pentagon in Ukraine has actively built two biological military laboratories and has been developing pathogens there—in Kyiv and Odessa,” he said.

However, he showed no evidence to confirm his claims. 

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