On Thursday, July 29, an unusual situation was seen in the Italian Parliament when a good number of deputies of the Brothers of Italy party staged a protest inside the enclosure, opposing the “green pass” for covid vaccinees.

In the video published by RT en Español, a deputy can be seen holding a sign saying “no green pass,” who when he sees parliamentary security coming, runs away with the sign.

Instantly many other deputies appear with signs with the same inscription and manage to occupy the precinct.

This same video was shared on Twitter by the French MEP member of the European Parliament’s ID group, Gilbert Collard, accompanied with the text “Italy: MEPs demonstrate in Parliament against the #SanitaryPass: long live Italy!”

This protest came in the context of a government initiative in Italy that will be in effect from August 6 and restricts the freedoms of unvaccinated people, as reported by Schengen Visa Info News.

According to Italy’s National Tourism Agency, those over the age of 12 will be required to present a “Green Pass” in order to access certain services and activities.

This health pass is given to people vaccinated with at least one dose, those who recently recovered from Covid, or those who present a negative test performed within 48 hours.

These new restrictions were announced on July 22, bringing a series of protests in many parts of the country. The restricttions also apply to tourists.

To enter theaters, museums, cinemas, exhibitions, festivals, gyms, swimming pools, private parties, trade fairs, and sporting events, you will need to present the pass.

This health passport will also be required to enter restaurants, bars, and pastry shops.

In September, it is estimated that the “Green Pass” will be required for travel on trains, planes, and long-distance buses.

These new restrictions seek to “force” all people to be vaccinated with the controversial experimental COVID vaccines.

The Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, imparted fear in society and justified the measures taken on the grounds that, “the Delta variant is threatening. It spreads much faster than other variants. I invite all Italians to get vaccinated and to do so immediately. Without the vaccines, we would have to close everything down again.”

Italy is not the only country with this initiative, France was also the target of massive demonstrations, after President Emmanuel Macron decided to make vaccination mandatory for all health workers in the country and vaccination passes to access bars, restaurants and shopping centers.

The French government made the announcement on Monday, July 12, which generated the start of these demonstrations on the morning of July 14.

“Macron plays on fears, it’s revolting. I know people who will now get vaccinated just so that they can take their children to the movies, not to protect others from serious forms of COVID,” a 29-year-old notary’s clerk from the Berry area of central France Yann Fontaine said, adding that the health pass amounted to “segregation.”
The French government’s decision also prompted the resignation of the Republican Guard, as a sign of its disagreement with the new restrictive measures.

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