According to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the bird flu virus wave has appeared to turn back again, spreading at a high rate in Europe and Asia, where have been witnessed several severe outbreaks in recent days.

Following the previous outbreaks that resulted in the birds being euthanized in the tens of millions and the trade restrictions, the spread of the highly pathogenic influenza, widely known as bird flu, has alarmed the poultry industry, Reuters reported.

The epidemiologists are concerned transmission of this virus to humans is a possibility.

So far this year, China has recorded 21 human infections with the H5N6 avian influenza subtype, surpassing the total in 2020.

On Monday, OIE confirmed the number of about 770,000 poultry in a farm’s outbreak, in Chungcheongbuk-do in South Korea, according to the country’s authorities. These animals were killed.

Also, in Asia, following Japan’s agriculture ministry’s announcement last week, OIE cited that the 2021 winter season’s first outbreak occurred in Japan at a poultry farm in the northeast. This outbreak’s serotype is recorded as H5N8, Reuters reported. 

Europe has been in a similar situation as Asia, severely impacted by the bird flu spread.

An H5N1 bird flu outbreak emerged in the Rogaland region of Norway, with 7,000 birds in one flock.

In autumn, the migration of wild birds begins, which will spread the virus, this usually causes outbreaks to occur.

In response to the finding of the bird flu’s highly pathogenic variant in a wild goose near Antwerp, the Belgian government decided to put the country at an alarming rate of bird flu risk, ensuring no poultry outdoors.

Both France and the Netherlands have experienced the same issues. The Belgian government has raised the alarm; a wild goose near Antwerp was found with the highly pathogenic form of the disease. 

All poultry, as of Monday, is to be kept indoors.

Bird flu cannot be transmitted through the food chain to humans.

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